Awards & Accolades

Advancells, India announced as a 1st Runner – Up in Ist China (Shenzhen) Innovation and entrepreneurship International Competition.

Indo - China (Shenzhen) Innovation and entrepreneurship International Competition announces Advancells as a winner in Regenerative Medicine honoring best-in-Innovation and development initiatives within Regenerative Medicine/Life sciences . The international conference of India Region was held in Bengaluru, India on 19th March, 2017, the largest gathering of life science Innovation and Entrepreneurship contestants. Founder and CEO, Mr. Vipul Jain and Chief Technology Officer Dr Lipi Singh represented the Advancells for this competition. Being excited by the worldwide development in fundamental science and technology as well as in translational medicine, Mr. Jain aims to embrace multidisciplinary approach, for becoming India’s leading innovative manufacturing platform, in the regenerative medicine

We are very glad to share the award of recognition that we built with immense enthusiasm to a step forward in the direction of development. We believe growth is the paramount, and strategy for advancement is always around setting high-performance targets which reflects the chronicles of success. We use the standard information and research of external indices to help us reinforce our executive systems and sustainability exposure. It’s a proud moment for not only us but for all who are diligently making the world a better place.

We are proud of the external recognition we have gained through the award and certificate from Corporate LiveWire in the field of Healthcare & Life Science. We received this award for the Excellence in Regenerative Medicine.