Study Shows White-Fat Stem Cell Implants Could Help Curb Obesity



WASHINGTON, D.C. — Scientists, advice including an Indian American researcher, prescription have found that an implant made from stem cells that reside in white fat can help reduce weight gain and lower blood glucose levels in mice.

“What is truly exciting about this system is its potential to provide plentiful supplies of brown fat for therapeutic purposes,” said the study’s lead author Kevin Tharp, a PhD student in the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Stem Cells Survive Wild Ride on Prototype Space Capsule



Despite a rough landing, stem cells riding in a prototype capsule survived a long fall back to Earth during a drop test — part of an initiative to research the cells in space.

The RED-4U capsule was created by Terminal Velocity Aerospace (TVA) to return science experiments to Earth and carried a cargo of adult stem cells, which can grow into any cell type. The cells, provided by the Mayo Clinic, are thriving despite a parachute's deployment issue, the company's CEO said. The failure's cause is being investigated, but is not related to the parachut......

Scientists Claim Fix To Stem Cell Immune Rejection Problem



Last year, check Japanese researchers announced that the first human patient would be treated with induced pluripotent stem cells in an attempt to reverse a degenerative eye condition called macular degeneration that leads to vision loss.

Now, discount a team of scientists headed by biologists at UC San Diego has discovered how induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, ampoule which are derived from an individual’s own cells, could be programmed to avoid rejection from the immune system.

Their findings, published online ahead......

First clinical trial to test use of retinal progenitor cells for treating retinitis pigmentosa begins



Participants are being enrolled in the first clinical trial that tests the use of retinal progenitor cells to treat retinitis pigmentosa, advice reported project director Dr. Henry Klassen of UCI's Gavin Herbert Eye Institute and Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center. The product of stem cell research at UCI, these retinal progenitors are similar to stem cells in terms of potential regenerative properties, but they're specific to the retina.

To date, four participants with RP - all visually disabled due to the degenerative disease - have received cel......

'Stem cells' could help to study pollution effects on humans



Washington DC, ampoule Aug 11 : Researchers claim that embryonic stem cells can help in studying the effects of pollution on human health.

In the study, the researchers from the University of California have successfully detailed the use of stem cells to gauge the neurotoxicity effects of the environmental pollutant Bisphenol A (BPA).

The researchers used a combination of biochemical and cell-based assays to examine the gene expression profile during the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells upon treatment with BPA, a compound known to ca......

Liver Stem Cells' Source Discovered By Scientists



Scientists have identified the source of stem cells that replenish liver tissue. In this photo, shop a microsopic view shows human embryonic stem cells in various stages of differentiation into liver cells in this photo taken at Stanford University and released by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine on March 9, 2009. Reuters/Julie Baker.

Scientists have identified the prototypical stem cells that grow into liver tissue, ending a longstanding mystery about where the liver replenishes dying cells from.

Scientists from the Howard Hughes M......


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