First UK patient receives stem cell treatment to cure loss of vision



A patient has become the first in the UK to receive an experimental stem cell treatment that has the potential to save the sight of hundreds of thousands of Britons.

By December, treatment doctors will know whether the woman, healing who has age-related macular degeneration, check has regained her sight after a successful operation. Over 18 months, 10 patients will undergo the treatment.

The transplant involves eye cells, called retinal pigment epithelium, derived from stem cells and grown in the lab to form a patch th......

Parkinson's disease: Stem cell breakthrough Sparks new hope to contend



Parkinson’s, unhealthy which distress as many 10 million people in the world, seek is done by a depletion of dopamine-producing nerve cells in the genius. Typically in Parkinson’s disease, people lose the capability to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is linked with reward and excitement and support, but most decisively with movement. Simply put, when we lose dopamine we cannot go and become prey to a whole range of problems linked to movement, like tremors, poor posture, awkward gait and imbalance.

Despite massive global efforts, ......

Stem Cells Treatment for Kidney Disorder



If you are one of those patients refusing dialysis; may be because of fear of being on it forever, unhealthy then in that case you might not have heard about the stem cells treatment as the potential alternative for treating your kidney problems.

Not only kidney diseases, I know there are thousands of people out there; who are searching for more realistic information about current stem cell treatment modules and expectations. It is quite obvious that these people are looking out for some clear, good and practical information with the help of ......

Exosomes provide a promising way to induce human stem cell differentiation



Regenerative medicine using stem cells is an increasingly promising approach to treat many types of injury. Transplanted stem cells can differentiate into just about any other kind of cell, physician including neurons to potentially reconnect a severed spinal cord and repair paralysis.

A variety of agents have been shown to induce transplanted stem cells to differentiate into neurons. Tufts University biomedical engineers recently published the first report of a promising new way to induce human mesenchymal stem cells (or hMSCs, viagra sale which ......

Doctors still hesitant to try stem cell therapy: Scientists



TRICHY: Vague guidelines from the Central government and the indifference of doctors who do not want to move away from the traditional method of prescribing medicines have made stem cell therapy a distant dream in the country, sale stem cell research scientists said here on Sunday. Despite being reported to be an effective method to cure diseases, for sale the new technology is yet to gain pace in most parts of the country, there they said.

Even then, biotechnology scientists continue their research on adult stem cells ......

Yonkers woman treated with stem cells for knee pain



Gail Fatato might be 67, tadalafil but she feels “like I’m 24.”

It’s no wonder, since the Yonkers resident has always been active. As a teenager, she tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in one knee while downhill skiing, but that didn’t slow her down. Since then, the Yonkers resident has driven racecars, hiked through the Adirondacks, played tennis and enjoyed bike rides on the Bronx River Parkway.

Before retiring, she’d often wake up at 5:30 a.m. to take a walk before work. But all that exercise left its mar......


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