Stem Cells Likely to be Safe for Use in Regenerative Medicine



Cambridge researchers have found the strongest evidence to date that human pluripotent stem cells – cells that can give rise to all tissues of the body – will develop normally once transplanted into an embryo. The findings, salve published in the journal Cell Stem Cell, view could have important implications for regenerative medicine.

Mouse embryo yolk sac with human pluripotent stem cells (green) incorporated (Credit: Roger Pederson/Victoria Mascetti)

Human pluripotent stem cells for use in regenerative m......

Life and struggle with Parkinson's disease



Today was the chilling winter morning of Delhi, see my 6:30 AM alarm was ringing as usual. I tried to reach out for my phone, medical snoozed it for another 10 minutes; maybe I was being greedy for that 10 minutes sleep! I just turned over, felt slight vibration in my left arm! I tried to look at it, just to confirm whether it is just my feeling or it was actually shaking, but I couldn’t open my eyes. I was in deep sleep mentally, tired, trying to get up but my mind was telling me to sleep for a while. Suddenly stiffness in my right leg took my attention. I tr......

Muse Cells - The Future Of Stroke Therapy?



Stem cells are pretty amazing. Adult stem cells act as a sort of biological maintenance and repair system. These cells can differentiate and specialize such as to replenish our tissues with all the types of cells found therein. The ability to control their fate is one of the most desired achievements in science.

Adult stem cells can be obtained from the bone marrow,   adipose tissue or the blood. But adult human stem cells are generally considered to have a limited range of cell types into which they can differentiate, buy base......


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