Report : Cristiano Ronaldo To Undergo Stem Cell Treatment In Fitness Race Against Time



Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid are banking on cutting-edge medical science to help keep their UEFA Champions League dreams alive.

Ronaldo will undergo stem-cell treatment on his torn thigh muscle in an effort to return to the field as quickly as possible, Spanish Radio Station COPE reported Wednesday, according to Thomas Rancero of AS newspaper.

The injury prevented Ronaldo from playing Tuesday in Real Madrid’s goal-less draw against Manchester City in the first leg of the teams’ UEFA Champions League semifinal series, and the advanced t......

Suffering of the Mom



“When I came to know, that my mom is suffering from ALS, I pledged her that I would provide her the best possible life she could have”- Jane revealed for the first time, long after she had discovered that her beloved mom has ALS- a neurogenic disorder, causing a progressive muscular wastage; leading your life almost to sink without any one’s help.

“I could still remember those first words from our physician”; Jane continued, “that my mom is suffering from ALS, and the maximum, we can offer her is the best of our time, support and care f......

Living well with Ankylosing Spondylitis



Being a Spondylitis awareness month, we have dedicated this amazing April to bring some wonderful awareness to those, who are suffering with this debilitating disease.

One of the best ways to tackle your supposedly incurable autoimmune diseases is the complete empowerment of your mind, which is possible only when you stop believing what other people have to say about the disease you are suffering from. As a matter of fact, Ankylosing Spondylitis is a chronic autoimmune disorder with similar pattern of symptoms rivalling several chronic illnesses; it is thus almost tr......

Hair fall? : Not anymore!



My genes are well allowing me for my non vegetarian diet. However, my inter-regional marriage forced me to be a completely vegetarian and I end up in losing my hair without enough protein supplements. New environment, high stressed job were among the extra culprits! This was not accepted by me at all. When it comes to maintaining my hair, I don’t trust on any serums or supplements; which are available in market and are claiming to give your hair back. Science is not that simple. If you have sudden change in your body, then it’s for sure that your body has gone through something ......

3D 'mini-retinas' grown from human stem cells



BERLIN: Scientists have developed an efficient way to make 3D "mini retinas", which mimic the organ's tissue organisation, from mouse or human stem cells.
The research offers new perspectives on the growth, injury and repair of retina — the part of the eye that is sensitive to light.

"The goal isn't just to make the closest thing next to a real retina, but also to possibly harness the flexibility of the system to create more diverse ways of studying retina tissue," said Mike Karl of the German Centre for Neuro degenerative Diseas......


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