Pain and Arthritis



Life style modifications; almost every one of us is suffering from its negative impact. For your entire life; you keep on running behind money, career, and children; without giving a damn to your body! The situation reminds me of one of the Aesop Fables; which I think all of you might have heard in your childhood. The ant and the grasshopper; the ant was busy preparing himself for winter, by gathering food and shelter; whereas the grasshopper was pretty careless by not being caring or planning for his winters. The gist, of the story is that, an ant was saved and grasshopper perished later o......

Stem Cell Injection May Ward Off Glaucoma: Study



An infusion of stem cells harvested from a patient's own skin may help restore proper drainage for fluid-clogged eyes at risk of glaucoma, a new study in mice has found.

Researchers led by Markus Kuehn from University of Iowa in the US injected stem cells into the eyes of mice with glaucoma.

The influx of cells regenerated the tiny, delicate patch of tissue known as the trabecular meshwork, which serves as a drain for the eyes to avoid fluid buildup.

When fluid accumulates in the eye, the increase in pressure could lead to glaucoma.

Stem cells treatment for Alzheimers disease



Considering the rapid, progressive prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease; worldwide, intense research is going on, to strategically develop and formulate potential treatment alternatives for Alzheimer’s disease with the help of stem cells. The same has been endorsed by Miami University of Medicine, which attempted to conduct a study, with 30 patients of Alzheimer Disease; all the participants were offered stem cells treatment to test and observe their effects on person’s cognitive functions, memory and overall brain functions. The study is so far in a v......

Stem cell-grown cartilage could reduce need for total hip replacements: 5 points



A Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study shows that patient's stem cells could be used to grow new cartilage in the shape of a hip joint, which may serve as an alternative to hip replacement surgery, according to a Medical News Today report.

Here are five points:

1. The study notes that the new cartilage can be grown to cover a 3D synthetic scaffold that can be molded into a hip joint.

2. The cartilage can be implanted onto a damaged hip joint. This can also help relieve pain due to arthritis.

3. Additionally,......

Could your cavity-filled tooth repair itself with stem cells in the future?



Walking into a dentist’s office could be less of a frightening thing in the future if scientists Kyle Vining, of Harvard, and Adam Celiz, of the British University of Nottingham, have anything to do with it.

Since the 1700s, when modern dentistry began to evolve, people have assumed that the parts of teeth damaged by cavities were gone for good and that there was nothing to be done except drilling out the decay and filling the remaining tooth with some kind of enamel or metal. That entire paradigm is changing.

Vining and Celiz have just won a prize a......

ALS Patients May Safely Undergo Stem Cell Transplants, Study Reports



Transplanting human stem cells into the spinal cord of people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) may be safely accomplished, according to the results of a Phase 2 clinical trial. The study, led by researchers at the Emory University School of Medicine and the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing in Atlanta, was not designed to assess the efficacy of the treatment, but results suggest it did not accelerate the progression of the disease.

The findings were published in the journal Neurology in a study titled “Transplantation of sp......


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