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Why is 10th October Celebrated as World Mental Health Day ?

Ever wondered why we have a name for a particular day? It relates to the history which expresses the importance of the day. I recently updated myself with 10th of October as World Mental Health Day which was first celebrated in 1992. World Mental Health Day is an initiative taken by World Federation group to […]

Travel Hacks for Diabetic patient

Being healthy starts with small things that you need to take care in your daily life. We have advanced medical treatments of almost every disease but daily hacks are important for any serious occurrence led by our carelessness. A Diabetic Patient deals with very high blood glucose because of dropping down of insulin production or […]

Is stem cells therapy for Osteoarthritis approved in India ?

The bone and joint disorders; is the current theme of world health problems; as it has been estimated that osteoarthritis (OA) is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide. These numbers of global incidences and proportional rise in orthopedic surgeries have inflamed the demand for alternative technology. In this regard, regenerative medicine is materializing, as […]

Pain and Arthritis

Life style modifications; almost every one of us is suffering from its negative impact. For your entire life; you keep on running behind money, career, and children; without giving a damn to your body! The situation reminds me of one of the Aesop Fables; which I think all of you might have heard in your […]

Stem cells treatment for Alzheimers disease

The recent discoveries have, thus started unravelling the potential of stem cells treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. The disease is known to be as the silent disaster, and was first described by the scientist, Dr. Alois Alzheimer; who has categorised it, in one of the most common causes of age related memory loss, within our elder counterparts.