Ways to minimize the risk of Autism

Date (2016-11-25)

This is an emerging research discussion that what are the effects of the gestational and prenatal environment on the developing neuron and immune system which is leading to autism.

Although there is no known single cause for autism, but it is generally accepted that it is caused by abnormalities in brain structure and function of the new born. According to the results of investigations and theories, researchers do not know exact cause of autism but it is highly included with heredity, genetics. For that concern, if a woman is considering becoming pregnant, this is advised to take special care of diet and lifestyle choices for at least 6 months. Consuming organic grown grains vegetables, fruits, nuts and proteins will not only keep her in optimal shape before conceiving but also minimize the chances of miscarriage and developing complications of pregnancy and delivery.

Some autism cases are may be related to chemical exposure during pregnancy. Hence, it is essential to avoid taking any drugs during pregnancy unless prescribed by doctor. Ensuing delivery, certain measures if taken care of, can be very helpful in preventing autism such as early diagnosis and treatment. A hereditary disease pheny lketonuria(PKU) that is caused by the lack of liver enzyme required to digest the enzyme phenylalanine needs early diagnosis and treatment because of its association to autism.

One of the major causes of autism is iron deficiency in mothers. With increasing age, risk of an affected child gets increased because of associated diseases like obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes. Iron is very crucial to fetal brain development; make sure you get it enough. To minimize the risk of autistic child, it has been studied that taking prenatal vitamins three months before conception and during at least the first month of pregnancy halves autism risk. Researchers say that high iron intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding reduces the risk of autism to a great extent. As breast milk is consisted of nutrition required for a child’s brain development.

Autism is a significant lifelong neurobehavioral disorder that requires a specialized approach to treatment. There are treatments and education approaches that can address some of the challenges associated with the condition. Hence, Intervention can help to lesson disruptive behaviors, and education can teach self help skills. As there is no single symptom or behavior that identifies people with autism, there is certain treatment that can be effective for everyone on the spectrum.

However, the advent of stem cell technology has opened up new avenues in the cure for Autistic Children. Besides, having the potential to stimulate normal functioning of glial cells, these adult cells also have the functional capacity to trigger stimulation of in vivo growth factors and immunomodulators to generate a microenvironment; that can boost up the repair of damaged or weakened neurons and thus promoting improvement in impaired functions.

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