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Stem Cells are Transforming the Future of Diabetes Mellitus Treatment! Ability to make billions of pancreatic beta cells has been "Hacked! Type 1 Diabetes?; Stem cells to the Rescue Again!

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Millions of people around the world are suffering from a destructive form of autoimmune disorder, known as Diabetes Mellitus; a life-threatening condition, striking both children as well as adults. The complications associated with diabetes occur due to much of the social and financial burden. What do you think is the greatest cause of diabetes, worldwide? Obesity, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles are the major ones. The healthiest people in the world use these factors for their healthy lifestyle and things have drastically changed for them!

Stop wasting your time and money by consulting various doctors in different parts of the world!

Do you think healthy people around the world take regular medication to avoid health issues? Simplify your life by using body’s own regenerative power through autologous stem cell therapy and some lifestyle changes; and you can too enjoy your life without taking a huge list of prescriptions.

Traditionally,people have experienced no concrete cure for this silent killer; but we have been one of those, who help turn promising ideas into effective therapies with the potential to change lives.

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Advancells Stem cell Treatment for Diabetes

At Advancells, we are harnessing the power of the most potent cells isolated from patient’s own Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue or may be both depending upon the assessment. Our top priority is to provide very comprehensive, customized treatment pattern by maintaining highest standard of treatment and investigative research. Advancells has been treating individuals, overcome diabetes problems to achieve better quality of life as endorsed by many of our patients.

Our entire treatment procedure can be briefed into four major steps:

Step 1: - Qualification Assessment

A safety and assessment will be prescribed by our experts in order to investigate the stage of severity, eligibility of the patient for the treatment and pinpoint the causative factor.

Step 2: - Source Extraction

After counseling with physician, the source from which stem cells are to be extracted will be decided. In general Bone Marrow and/or Adipose Tissue are the most abundant and preferred sources. The specific amount of sample will be collected with the application of local anesthesia. Bone Marrow will be extracted from hip region and Adipose Tissue will be preferably extracted from the belly area.

Step 3: - Laboratory Processing

The extracted sample will be sent to our state of the art, GMP approved facility under controlled environmental condition for processing. The same will be processed in compliance with the regulatory guidelines to isolate and enrich stem cells. To maintain a transparency a client will be offered a complete certification of analysis from internationally reputed laboratory.

Step 4: - Stem Cell Implantation

For treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, a purified extract of stem cells will be injected back into the body through following routes:

Intravenous Injection:- Stem cells will be infused into the body, by infusing through the vein.
Intra-arterial Injection:- cells will be infused, via catheter into the artery.


What can you expect?

Majority of patients treated by us have reported a good control over the blood sugar level and overall improvement in the condition. Patients have reported better stability in the level of blood glucose, good regularization of HbA1C, lowered hypertension and complete elimination of repeated episodes of hypoglycemia.

Although, type and extent of improvement is patient specific some of the common benefits that you can expect after stem cells treatment for diabetes are:

  • Patient’s very own cells are used that are more potent, know your body better and hence can offer rejection free benefits.
  • Less variability in blood glucose level can be achieved with improved average blood glucose and reduced fear of hypoglycemia.
  • Complete regularization of glycosylated haemoglobin level.
  • Reduced or freedom from external medication requirment.
  • Improved stamina, physical condition and emotional strength leading to the bettered quality of life.

Why Should You Choose Advancells?

We strive to offer you the best possible solution for your health related issues. In this regard, we are constantly investigating and upgrading with latest technologies to recommend it to our clients, when they make sense! Our technology enables us to stimulate your own dormant cells from various sources by using minimally manipulative techniques, and What is more important is the complete safety. A high dosage of stem cells can be obtained in just a couple of hours and injected back into the body through specialized routes in order to allow them to differentiate into desired cells.

  • Harvesting of your own stem cells and supercharging them through our stimulation technology is been formulated through various safety and feasibility checks to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Application of SVF and their stimulation technology with your own PRP is India's very own and an exclusively designed protocol.
  • The inpatient treatment is very short, quick and effective with minimum manipulation and increased efficacy.
  • We are a GMP grade, certified class 10,000 facility with standardized, regulatory compliant operations.
  • We can offer various cost effective solutions depending upon the requirements and affordability; to offer our clients' complete value based services.
  • We have received accolades and have been nominated by our many satisfied clients, for the best in class hospitality and counseling.
  • We have been endorsed for good success rate with multiple treatment options.
  • We believe in complete transparency and hence are providing third party certificate of authenticity with every procedure.


  • The assistant and treatment I received by the entire team of Advancells is nothing less than a lifesavour. I sincerely hope that everyone who is in pain, should recognize the vital need of stem cells therapy; in order to continue to support the community.

    • Abdul Hadi
    • 51 years, Type 2
  • I should be very thankful to the Advancells. I wish that Advancells is used better and should continue to serve the society at large.

    • Abdul Salam
    • 55 years, Type 2
  • I was worried about the results and more importantly the safety and efficacy of the treatment. I should be thankful to the counselling being done with us, before the procedue; we were clear about the safty and chances of the success with the treatment.

    • Pradeep J
    • Type 2

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