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Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy

Date (2015-05-29)

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy Treatment

Premature ageing is a complex but dangerous process associated with untimely damage of the intrinsic cellular system. Unlike the normal ageing process, a negative pressure imparted on cellular make up of an individual due to some critical environmental traumas, like sun rays, pollution, stress, unhealthy life style and genetic inheritance, etc; redirect cells towards its senescence, wherein they stop working and dividing, thus losing their regenerative potential. 

On the contrary, ageing and premature ageing is very hard to distinguish; however, experts suggest lack of glowing, smooth skin can be referred to as one of the first signs of ageing. Although, cosmetic tissue can be improved through drinking more water, eating vitamin rich food and topical applications of anti-ageing products; expert’s guidance is necessary to stop further damage and control more serious issues. Conventional medicine can offer some better ‘quick fix’ treatments, like Thermage, Botox, Dermal fillers etc.; however, they are generally coupled with many side effects like droopy eyelids, fatigue, headache, facial pain, skin rash, swelling at the site of injection, muscular pain, numbness, etc. 

However, medical science is advancing with one of the most powerful and unique combination of autologous stem cells and anti-ageing treatments; wherein stem cells isolated from patient’s own body sources are being utilized to activate and rejuvenate lost cellular functions to achieve visibly young, healthy and glowing skin. These stem cells can potentially help in regulating immune functions, secreting different growth factors for faster repair and regenerating lost cells to allow functional restoration of different important organs of the body, including but not limited to skin. Scientists have acknowledged tremendous regenerative potential of stem cells and their dramatic influence on our ability to live longer, offering functional improvements in some of our failing organs and improve overall physical as well as mental well-being like stamina, vigor, glow, concentration, etc. 

In this regard, Advancells is offering stem cells treatment for variety of Anti-Ageing solutions through one of the most potent autologous stem cells sources, the Adipose Tissue.  We have categorized our treatment plans in three primary segments:

Look Fit- Anti-ageing treatment for skin.

Feel Fit- Anti-ageing treatment for weakness, fatigue, etc.

Hair Therapy- Anti-ageing treatment for hair loss


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