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Entrepreneur from The Health Sector-Budget 2015 Analysis

Date (2015-02-21)

Advancells, established in 2013, is one of the advanced Stem Cell Therapy solution providers in India.

Vipul Jain founder, Advancells

Is hopeful of the imminence growth of Healthcare sector in India The Sheer Number of our population will always keep healthcare in a major growth category and with advancements happening in healthcare at a rapid pace, healthcare will remain a priority sector for both the government and Buisness.

There are few challenges that are facing in healthcare industry today

Favourable legislative policies and revolutionary reforms are the need of the hour in this industry. Our Prime Minister's plan of universal healthcare under National Health Policy (NHP) 2015 looks promising indeed. Till now healthcare services from the government were target at rural areas and more specially at the poor.

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