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Stem Cell Procedures Can Alleviate Joint Pain

Date (2016-03-02)

If you're living with lingering joint pain perhaps stem cell therapy can help. One expert says you can take control, relieve your pain and reclaim your life.

Dr. William Cimikoski, Medical Director of Utah Stem Cells Joint Treatment at Intermountain Health and Wellness, explains how Stem Cell Joint Regeneration procedures work and how they can help so many people with various different types of joint pain.

Virtually anyone suffering from acute or chronic joint pain whether it be in the knees, shoulders etc. from a variety of different causes including arthritis, tendonitis, etc. can benefit from these types of treatments.

Your body is trying to send enough of the healing cells to repair your damaged joint tissue by recruiting your own stem cells and platelets from your blood stream to go to your ailing joint. Doctors inject Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into and around your joints to send in thousands of times more of these vital cells than what your body can deliver on its own.



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