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Stem Cell Therapy Helps Us Girl Regain Mobility, Speech

Date (2015-03-20)

A year ago, 20-year-old Christie from Mississippi could not stand, walk or eat by herself. She was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia — lack of muscle control due to damage, degeneration or loss of nerve cells in the part of the brain that controls coordination — at the age of two. Over the years, her condition worsened.

Unable to find medical help in America, Kevin Roberts, her father, trawled the net for months and contacted NeuroGen, a brain and spine institute in Nerul, hoping to find a solution.

"Before we started treatment, Christie needed help for her daily activities. But, a year after stem cell therapy, she can walk with a walker and drink a glass of water without spilling," said Roberts.

Christie underwent three rounds of therapy; the first in April last year, the second in October and the last this month. "Her speech has improved and she is able to stand for a minute without support," added her father. Although Christie requires no more stem cell treatment, she has to continue with occupational and speech therapy.

"Christie can stand, talk, eat, write and has short-distance mobility, which is commendable considering that she could not do any of this last year," said Dr Alok Sharma, director of the institute.


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