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Stem cells solve multiple health problems

Date (2015-07-10)

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By Gina Kraman

Arthritis, tendonitis, ligament tears, and spinal disc bulges are some of the health problems improved with amniotic stem cell therapy.

According to the National Institutes of Health, for more than 50 years, human amniotic fluid cells (which cushions the fetus) have been used to diagnose genetic fetal problems, when extracted from pregnant mothers.

Research in the past 10 years continues to show the therapeutic potential to treat human diseases. The cells are isolated from the amniotic fluid and used in the growing field of regenerative medicine. Amniotic stem cells can be derived from healthy donors, who donate their amniotic fluid after undergoing elective Caesarian deliveries. Once tested and sterilized, the tissue can be injected in patients and regenerate, serving as an internal repair system.

Dr. Frank Ostir, Ostir Physical Medicine in Joliet, explains, “The stem cells can regenerate into new tissue and cartilage. They can heal torn ligaments. Since amniotic tissue cells are derived from human cells with no toxic substances, patients don’t experience any negative side effects from treatment.”

He adds, “Anyone suffering from knee, hip, or shoulder arthritis or partial ACL tears or plantar fasciitis, can benefit from amniotic tissue treatment. The procedure is performed in the office. To minimize any discomfort of the treatment, local anesthetic is mixed with the amniotic stem cells and injected through a small needle.”

Ostir listed other health issues improved with amniotic stem cell treatment, including partial rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, wrist and forearm tendonitis, and “Tommy John” injuries.


Source: ostirphysicalmed