Stem cell Therapy for Dental Pulp



Stem Cells Therapy from Dental Pulp

Stem cells obtained from various adult body sources, are becoming the next generation “Mainstream Medicine.”

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The field of regenerative medicine and stem cells science has been marked as an era of ‘great scientific interest and therapeutic opportunities’. Stem cells biology has been evolved with commendable technological advancements with an aim to replace or regenerate damaged cells of injured tissues. From a vast pool of stem cells types, isolated from different sources, neural crest derived stem cells enclosed in an ideal niche of pulp chamber have been acknowledged to be the most abundant, highly proliferative with multipotent differentiation ability and non-invasive, ethically exempted source; which has been ignored for quite a long.

Advancells has recently launched a very unique approach of accessing these most technology to obtain right stem cells without any invasive procedure and offer them in a right quantity; for the effective clinical outcome.

Why Choose Us

As a pioneering regenerative medical center in India, we have always strived to attain the best therapeutic standards in offering our high end complex technology; with the most sustainable outcome. We have excelled in:

  • Performing treatments supported with latest regenerative medicinal technology that involves only the best biomaterials and scaffold systems; of international standards.

  • Offering completely painless and natural treatment, involving integration of body’s own cells that are being redirected towards regeneration of lost parts of the bone and other soft tissues.

  • Contributing towards quality dental procedures with excellent patient care and confidentiality.

Thus, at Advancells, we always ensure to offer safe and evidence based treatments with proven long-term predictability.

Treatment Indications

Dental Pulp, a soft tissue inside a wisdom tooth and/or baby’s milk tooth has been confirmed to be the reservoir of mesenchymal stem cells, with a distinguished ability to form multiple tissue specific cells in the body; when specifically infused, and allowed to grow on resorbable, biocompatible and inert substitute, serving as a temporary extracellular matrix, which can mimic as a coherent, retractable, mechanically resistant tissue, suitable for nesting these stem cells.

Thus, Advancells has pitched into this breakthrough by infusing Dental Pulp derived mesenchymal stem cells into an artificially created niche of biodegradable scaffold to enhance natural reconstruction of tissue, through cellular grafting, for below mentioned indications.

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