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  • Stem cell Therapy for Neurological Disorders
    Keep Your Hope Alive...
    Parkinson's Disease
    Autologous Stem Cells are proven to minimize
    the symptoms by regenerating Dopamine
    producing Neurons.
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Metabolic disorders
    Challenge your Autoimmunity...
    Diabetes Mellitus
    Stem cells have improved indications of good
    glycemic control in patients by managing
    HbA1c levels.
  • Stem cell therapy for Lung Disease
    Breathe Easy...
    Anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory
    properties of stem cells can control reactive
    airways associated with Asthma.
  • Bone Related Disorders
    No More Pain...
    Stem cells can redevelop cartilagenous
    tissue observed from X-Ray analysis
    avoiding further damage to the joints.
    stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis
  • stem cell therapy for macular degeneration
    Live Your Vision...
    Macular Degeneration
  • stem cell therapy for sports injuries
    Say No To Knife...
    Stem cells can concert remodeling of various
    connective tissue in the presence of
    cytokines and growth factors to promote
    faster healing.
  • Stem cell therapy for Autism
    Catalyst for the Innovation...
    Stem cells have improved indications of good
    glycemic control in patients by managing
    HbA1c levels.
  • Stem cell therapy for Anti Aging
    Revive Yourself...
    Stem cells have the ability to regenerate
    new skin cells & envigourate the damaged
    one to make you look young naturally.


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Treatable Diseases : Stem Cells Therapy

Advancells uses the Best processing and separation Technology of Stem Cells in the world...[Techstory]
Advancells-Stem cell Therapy

Welcome to Advancells

Advancells is focused on therapeutic applications of regenerative medicine primarily used in stem cells generated from the patient's own body source. We are passionate about the possibilities and unlimited potential of adult stem cells and therefore with a strong belief and enduring dedication we deliver technologies for the safe and effective treatments to patients all .....Read more

Our Achievements

Stem Cell Therapy is becoming the focal point of the Indian Healthcare industry. Among the different stem cell institutes in India, Advancells has emerged as the premier company in stem cell and regenerative medicine industry by providing state-of-the-art facilities and touching the lives of more than 8000 patients. As opposed to other stem cell institutes that offer stem cell banking, Advancells offers high-quality, pure and viable stem cells for stem cell-based treatments to cure life threatening and otherwise considered as untreatable conditions. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, Advancells is constantly thriving to excel in terms of stem cell research.

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New Research and Innovation

Normal healthy bone has the ability to spontaneously regenerate during remodeling or after minor injury. However, if the defect site exceeds a critical size (such that the bone will not spontaneously heal during the animals or patients lifetime), bone grafting is required to regenerate new tissue...Read more

Research and Innovation

Webinar: Managing Your Diabetes- Current Status & Future Perspective

Thank you for attending the webinar on "Managing Diabetes: Current Status and Future Perspective". We hope that you found the live session informative and worthwhile. Our primary goal was to increase your understanding of Diabetes Awareness and to introduce and provide information on available treatment options like Stem Cell Therapy.

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What Patients Say About Us !

  • " Thermishaa's treatment went very well and I was actually overwhelmed with the positive response and support I received from the Advancells staff.She started to look around more than usual, post stem cell therapy."

    • Drishti ( Thermishaa's Mother )
    • Cerebral Palsy
  • The assistant and treatment I received by the entire team of Advancells is nothing less than a lifesavour. I sincerely hope that everyone who is in pain, should recognize the vital need of stem cells therapy; in order to continue to support the community.

    • Abdul Hadi
    • 51 years, Type 2
  • I should be very thankful to the Advancells. I wish that Advancells is used better and should continue to serve the society at large.

    • Abdul Salam
    • 55 years, Type 2
  • I was worried about the results and more importantly the safety and efficacy of the treatment. I should be thankful to the counselling being done with us, before the procedue; we were clear about the safty and chances of the success with the treatment.

    • Pradeep J
    • Type 2