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Welcome to Advancells

Stem Cell Company in India

Advancells is a research oriented company focused on therapeutic applications of Regenerative Medicine. One of the pioneers Stem Cell Company in India, we are passionate about the almost limitless potential of Human Stem Cells in providing a natural cure for any ailment that our body suffers from. With this belief we strive to deliver technologies for the safe and effective treatment options to patients all over the world at the highest medical standards. We work closely with some of the best medical practitioners at world class medical centers across the globe in providing these therapeutic solutions to our patients. We are involved in several clinical trials and innovations across the world to consistently improve and further establish the safety and efficacy of our technology.This on our journey towards the search for the "elixir of life" Advancells is backed by doctors, stem cell experts and clinical research scientists to continually monitor and improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System with excellence and innovation.

Our world class GMP lab is at the forefront of research and innovations and in bringing the best and latest technologies to our partner medicine practitioners and centers ultimately benefiting thousands of patients annually in finding natural, safe and effective way in curing and managing not just life threatening diseases and ailments but also in preventive healthcare, cosmetic treatments and Anti Ageing Therapies.

Advancells have been credited with lots of accolades & recognition. Advancells was honoured to host Amir of the state of Kuwait for treatment. Read more

Our Vision

Regenerative Medicine will soon be in the centre of all kinds of therapeutic solutions applicable for a patient irrespective of the kind or stage of disease he/she would be suffering from. Nature has given our body all the strength and resources to fight any ailment or disease that threaten to harm us. Use of regenerative medicine protocols such as Human Stem Cells combined with augmented and supplementary natural therapies will soon be the gold standard in keeping us healthy and young for a long period of time. Advancells welcomes you to go through our vast literature that will explain about stem cells and how they are changing the face of modern medicine. And also please visit our testimonial page to know more about our patients, who have not only shown faith in science but also decided to give themselves a second chance of fantastic recovery and leading healthy life.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to be at the forefront of the vast research happening across the world in the field of Regenerative Medicine. We strive to consistently develop new, more efficient protocols and technologies that will benefit the patients and bring Regenerative Medicine at the center of medical management of patients irrespective of the disease/condition that they might be suffering from.

Our Speciality:

At Advancells we do not follow the practice of one size fits all and thus a unique protocol is prepared for each patient; specifically keeping in mind the best cell source, viable cell quantity and reinjection protocol. We take pride in being transparent with our patients and thus every cell that is being produced in our laboratory is tested for viability, efficacy and safety, before being released for transplant. Every patient gets a certificate of analysis as a proof of our promise to them.

At Advancells, we have perfected the art of cell recovery and are able to consistently recover more than 94% cell count from various cell sources such as bone marrow, adipose tissues etc. This is upto 10 to 20 times more than what other dated technologies can perform. We have the ability to even expand the cell count via culture if the same is required in particular patients.

Our Aim

We aim to be a global leader in providing every patient a highly customized protocol for a 360 degree management of their disease/condition keeping Regenerative Medicine in the centre of therapeutic solution. Our aim is to provide patients a complete solution starting from preparation of the body to receive the transplant of the most viable, safe and efficient quantity and quality of stem cells extracted from a source most suitable for the disease to the actual transplant and post transplant preparations and follow up for the patient. We aim to integrate our protocols with the conventional medicinal protocols and thereby providing the patient the best medical care comprising of Medical and Surgical management along with Regenerative Medicine for an all-round management of the disease.

"Advancells uses the Best processing and separation Technology of Stem Cells in the world. This technology consistently delivers high cell viability in processed samples and is able to concentrate cells multiple folds for use in therapeutic purposes. "...[Techstory]