Adipose and Bone Marrow-derived stem cellsStem cells and their therapeutic applications have offered tremendous promise to cure a vast area of degenerative diseases, that have been left orphan, through conventional medications. Time and again, their potential, feasibility, and safety for therapeutic application has been tested and confirmed, through a number of clinical studies, which have been conducted worldwide. Although a niche concept of stem cells therapy, has been subjected to lot of confusion, ethical debate and controversy in the recent years; scientists and the medical fraternity are struggling hard on several key issues, the more emphasis is on bringing these therapies from research bench to clinical bedside, by decoding their exact mechanism of action and fixing up the better stem cells sources, without compromising patient’s safety as well as treatment efficacy.

Adipose and Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells:

Although, the process of turning scientific miracles into safe and effective clinical treatments is very lengthy and multi-step; it deserves a lot of appreciation, as it is designed in a way to minimize harm to patient’s body and maximize its effectiveness. Accordingly, each discovery has to go through stringent quality checks, from petri plates to animals; before it is being actually implemented on humans. Moreover, meticulous analysis of accuracy, precision as well as peer reviews is being done; to come up with clinical conclusions. In this regard, enough data and statistical values are in place to confirm that stem cells are the real heroes; who can be trusted to treat myriad of degenerative ailments, that are being currently faced by the world!

Out of different types of stem cells sources, that have been explored so far; stem cells isolated from patient’s own body sources, like bone marrow as well as adipose tissues, have gained maximum endorsements. In this regard, several advantages have been listed out, over other types of stem cells sources.

  • The primary one is that patient, who serves as his/her own host for receiving stem cells, there is no risk of incompatibility or any kind of rejection by the body.
  • Immunosuppression doses are really not needed, for accepting patients own body cells, avoiding many of the most reported complications, like opportunistic infections, rejection, etc.
  • Since, autologous stem cells know patient body in a better way; it would not be a much hassle for these stem cells, to reach at the targeted site, for faster recovery.
  • Stem cells sources, like adipose tissue and bone marrow are abundant and underutilized; hence obtaining them for stem cells extraction, will not create any void in the body.
  • As there is no need of finding a suitable donor, lot of time is being saved and the patient can immediately undergo treatment for the better outcome.
  • For instances, many of the autologous stem cells therapies can be performed on an outpatient basis, without any application of general anesthesia.

Apparently, studies have shown that these autologous stem cells, isolated from body’s own sources like bone marrow as well as adipose tissues can be best defined and the most extensively preferred in blood disorders, autoimmune disorders, some kinds of cancers, orthopedic disorders, as well as eye injuries, etc. Since, these procedures are widely accepted as safe and effective by the medical community; many patients can achieve better treatment benefits from the said sources.