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Hosted by Dr. Sachin Kadam

Hosted by Dr. Sachin Kadam

Advancing Global Nephrology : New Innovations and Trends

Nephrology is a branch of medicine concerned with the functions, disorders of kidney and treatment. Kidneys are amongst the most vital organs in our body. Increase numbers of chronic and acute kidney disorders are not just limited to the organ itself but many other diseases like high blood pressure; diabetes etc also contributes in same. Kidney diseases mostly require special treatment that includes dialysis and kidney transplants.

Topics we will cover in webinar are: :

  • Basics of Kidney disorders (Acute and Chronic nephrology)
  • Global impact of Kidney diseases
  • Current treatments methods
  • Can we avoid Kidney dialysis?
  • Role of stem cells in treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • Precautions and lifestyle major to avoid CKD

  • Presented By Dr Sachin Kadam, PhD(Stem Cell Biology) Post-Doct, The John Hopkins University, USA. Dr Sachin is one of the most prominent personality in Stem Cell biology and Regenerative therapy. He also has specialization in stem cell therapy from India‚Äôs premier institute National Center for Cell Sciences.

    Webinar Date:16 April 2018

    Webinar Time:03:00 P.M. IST ( Indian Standard Time )

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