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Alzheimers / Dementia Patient Stories

Josephine Stramiello, 82 years, Alzheimer's

I was diagnosed with Alzheimer in April 2008 at 60 years of age.

I was taking Aricept and gradually losing my ability to think clearly or remember names, dates and current information. I went into a drug study which helped somewhat. I have had Alzheimer's for 12 years. My daughter Laura and son Joseph found out about the Stem Cell treatment and I had my First Stem Cell treatment in 2008. I had my Second Stem Cell treatment 7 months later in November 2009...

Giulia Serafini, 78 years, Dementia

One day I noticed that my mother began to forget things. During the following months, step by step, the disease affected her walking until she was ultimately confined to a wheelchair. I remember that her walking was tentative due to hallucinations and imaginary hurdles...