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Stem cell therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

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We are harnessing groundbreaking power of regenerative medicine to treat Dementia/Alzheimer’s

We have excelled in transformative medicine using exosomes to regenerate functionally lost neurons

Stem Cell Therapy for Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the severe version of dementia named after the neurologist Dr. Alois Alzheimer. It is a kind of progressive neurodegenerative disorder associated with the gradual loss of cognitive functions such as thinking, memory, reasoning and behavioral skills. The stem cell treatment for Alzheimer’s approach mainly focuses on delivering a sufficient number of Adult Autologous Stem Cells which will travel into multiple areas of the brain where the damage has occurred. These transplanted stem cells have the potential to transform into new brain cells which are needed for the replacement of damaged cells.

Stem Cells Treatment for Alzheimer’s: Advancells Protocol

At Advancells, we have been successfully treating patients with neurodegenerative disorders using autologous stem cells. Our top priority is to provide a very comprehensive, individualized treatment pattern which is best suited for the patients undergoing Alzheimer treatment. Since one’s own cells are used, the technique is very safe with no side effects, is non-invasive and very effective.
With extensive research these challenges are now comprehensible to therapeutic ventures resulting in new treatments of Alzheimer using autologous treatment/allogenic transplant for adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells treatment and bone marrow stromal cells treatment.
This new insight on the treatment of Alzheimer has helped in identifying the potential to overcome Alzheimer with stem cells, primarily using autologous stem cell transplant in form of hematopoietic stem cell transplant or mesenchymal stromal cells treatment.