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Why stem cell therapy is important?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): The Missing Labyrinth

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also commonly known as the Motor Neuron Disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease is a fatal neurological ailment, associated with progressive muscular atrophy, weakness and functional loss.

Facts you should know about ALS/MND

It is estimated that at any given point of time, 1-10 out of 100000 people can be affected by ALS; and each day 15 new cases are being diagnosed.

According to the database shared by ALS care, 93% of ALS patients are of Caucasian origin; and the average life expectancy of people with ALS is between 2-4 years, post diagnosis.

Early diagnosis of ALS/MND is quite tricky due to common initial symptoms and it may possibly take a year of so for the confirmed diagnosis of ALS.

Studies have confirmed that individuals suffering with ALS tend to lose their strength and ability to move their arms, legs and bodies. Eventually the person has to be assisted for breathing through ventilators. However, the disease does not affect individual’s ability to see, taste, hear or recognize other people; neither does it impair the ability to think.

So far, the biggest breakthrough in the field of ALS research is the estimation of link between faulty immune system that over-reacts on body’s own neuronal network, causing neuronal inflammation and damage.

In the malignant form of ALS, the person may die within a year; contrary to which, some of them can liver a longer life.

There is no cure for ALS through conventional medicine; although, modern medicine has found the solution through Stem Cell Therapy. Recent studies in this regard have confirmed that Stem Cell Therapy can delay ALS progression, allowing patients with more time in the higher functional state and with better control of muscular movements.

About Advancells

We are a conglomeration of a national network of doctors and scientists, specialized in the most advanced regenerative medicine protocol. Our Stem Cell Treatment Procedure involves the application of patients own stem cells, activated with blood growth factors to help treat Musculoskeletal diseases and Degenerative conditions.

We strive to improve quality of each life with compassion and innovative treatment plan designed to meet individual needs.

Our Specialty Features

  • Accurate localized placement of Stem Cells through advanced imaging system
  • The most viable cellular source
  • Critical Harvesting Technique
  • Sophisticated laboratory, equipped with all sorts of modern technology
  • Safety Ensured

What Can You Expect

  • Diminished Weakness.
  • Improvement of Mood & Appetite.
  • Decreased intensity of plasticity.
  • Decrease in muscular rigidity and improved muscular strength.
  • Better tolerability of daily chores
  • Reduction in the intensity of dysphasia
  • Slow down or halt in progression of the disease

Advancells: Stem Cell Protocol

With series of standardization procedures, Advancells have developed same day stem cell extraction and re-injection procedure, followed by post injection of multiple proprietary platelet mixes over a course of week, depending upon patient’s health condition.

Our entire procedure of stem cell therapy for ALS/MND issues is being divided into three segments:

Pre-Procedural Steps

This is a pre-procedural state, wherein patients are screened for any pre existing health issues; other than primary orthopedic disorder, which should be taken care of. Depending upon patient’s medical and family background, following pre-treatment assessments are being suggested:

  • Infectious Disease Testing
  • Routine Blood Tests
  • Physical Examination
  • X Ray
  • MRI
  • CT-Scan
  • Arthroscopy
  • Medical Reports & History

These tests will qualify patient for alternative stem cell shots.

Once our patients are through with their pre-clinical assessments, they are officially enrolled for stem cell therapy with us. A pre-injection of platelet concentrate is administered locally, to initiate a cascade of healing signals, to prepare body for stem cell therapy.

Fat, being one of the most abundant, safe and minimally invasive sources of our body, is being chosen by Advancells to extract multipotent cocktail of stem cells. These stem cells are enriched in our GMP certified clean room, characterized for their viability as well as origin and are activated through laser therapy, for their better on site performance. While cells are being processed in our regulatory compliant clean room, our patients will have some downtime to relax.

A short period later, patients will be ready for the second part of the procedure, where the doctors will re-inject stem cells along with some natural growth factor mixes along with platelet concentrate; using advanced imaging guidance into the area in need of repair.

As the leading company in India, providing therapeutic options in regenerative medicine; our goal has always been to deliver exceptionally qualified stem cells to the injured area, to enhance the repairing mechanism at a faster speed.

Post-Procedural Follow Up

Post stem cell therapy, we offer multiple sessions of physiotherapy, depending upon patient’s health condition and schedule. The entire treatment session ends with targeted injection of our proprietary healing mixes, for better effects.

What Patients Say About Us !

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    • MND (Motor Neuron Disease)
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    • Rafiq Ahmad
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