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Stem Cells Analysis and Concentration

Processing of the stem cells in the laboratory

First and the foremost step is to isolate the stem cells by extricating them from the red as well as the white blood cells together from the plasma. The sample is dealt with according to the cGMP permitted principles in a sterile setting. Doing so prevents the ailing person from getting infected with any of the viruses, bacteria or fungi.

After processing, the sample is tested for the amount, the importance of the cells and sterility. Each sample is also tested to make sure that there are no viral indicators such as HIV, hepatitis B and C or cytomegalia. Proper documentation is done for the entire procedure. The stem cells remain confined for administration until all quality parameters are met.

It is important that only there are adequate viable stem cells in the stem cell concentrate sample. This implies that stem cells with above 300.000 CD34+ cells or with 80% viability can qualify to be administered on patients.