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Stem Cells and Advancells

Stem cells are extracted from various autologous sources of our body, we primarily emphasize on Bone Marrow as well as Adipose Tissue (Fat). Extracts are collected through application of local anesthesia; though general anesthesia can be offered in certain cases, as suggested by experts.

Once collected, samples are transferred to our cGMP compliant facility, based in Noida as per the guidelines for transportation by regulatory authorities. Once received, samples are tested for suggested quality control parameters, like temperature during transportation, viral markers like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, CMV as well as Bacterial indicators. All the reports are documented as per suggested regulatory guidelines and can be presented, whenever asked for by internal and external audits. We make sure that the stem cells remain confined for administration, until all the prescribed quality parameters are met.

Stem cells are isolated from the mentioned sources, according to the validated and standardized protocol. All the procedures are automated and are performed under strict closed system with advanced technology. We make sure that each stem cells concentrate that is being dispatched from the laboratory contains more than 90% viable cells. All cells are characterized for stem cell markers.