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There are many famous athletic personalities, viagra who are putting their bodies at risk in the name of the sports. Most of the severe musculoskeletal injuries reported so far are due to the wide variety of sports.    Many of them are in a mental trauma, view due to the thought of not been able to join their favourite sports as a career for rest of their life. For that matter; more and more athletes are looking forward towards a treatment that is less invasive, pharmacy pain free and more effective than the current mode of medical treatments; which unfortunately believes in only rehabilitative approach rather than a complete cure. Thus whether it is for their knee injuries or shoulder dislocation, more and more of them are inclined towards the autologous stem cells treatment as a new, reliable and the only alternative that can allow them to get back in to the playing form.

Helgi Olafson, one of the famous athletes, who have opted autologous stem cell treatment to get back on to the field. Almost 14 years ago, Helgi started suffering from a deadly autoimmune disorder named Ankylosing Spondylitis, a disorder that causes severe inflammation and pain; especially in the lower back region of the joints. At that time, he was just 19 years old. Doctors could relate his condition to the presence of a gene known as HLA-B27; a trouble gene found to be active in more than 85% of the AS cases; and declared it to be incurable. Although, initial time of Helgi’s life was very discouraging because of the fact that he has to deal with the disorder for the rest of the life, but later he started exploring the medical science, for the possible treatment options; until and unless he could reach to the autologous stem cells treatment!

What are these stem cells and how they can help?

Stem cells are the very basic cells of the body, which can differentiate into variety of cell types after being directed by various growth factors. These stem cells lay dormant in every mature organ of the body, until and unless they are signalled by respective cytokines or immune cells about their need at the site of injury. Once activated, these cells immediately reach at the site and start secreting several enzymes and growth factors to remove dead cells, form new cells and revitalize damaged ones. These stem cells work in tremendous coordination with other cells to help the body to heal and repair faster. The science now has the provision to speed up the process by taking out stem cells from other richer sources of the body such as bone marrow or adipose tissues, enrich them in the clean environment and put them back at the site of injury. These stem cells isolated from the patient’s own body are found to be extremely advantageous especially in the field of sports medicine.

Many of the athletes are benefitted from the Stem cell treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis option that has helped them to resume back their favourite game. Instead of being an unknown treatment limited to only bench top research, it has gained tremendous popularity, appreciation and trust from many young athletes as the best alternative for the speedy recovery.