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Apply For Stem Cell Treatment

How do I apply and what do I need to do?

Generally patients contact us through e-mail or call us at +91-9654321400 and thereon we explain to them about the process of stem cell therapy and its benefits. We also let them know about the criterions which should be met in order to undergo the stem cell treatment. In the next stance, the patient needs to send his or her medical records to us. Our team would examine the records carefully and then make a decision whether the stem cell treatment would be beneficial for the patient or not.

If it is found that the stem cell treatment can be applied on the patient then he or she is informed about the costs related to the treatment. The patient is also informed about the type of treatment which would be implemented. Once the patient agrees to all the aspects mentioned, he or she is asked to appear in the clinic for a day wherein the bone marrow extraction process is conducted. Since the bone marrow extraction happens to be a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the patient is advised to avoid any blood thinning medication prior tothe extraction process. At the same time it is also essential for patients to consult their own doctor before stopping anti-coagulants except for aspirin.

We at Advancells always advise you in the most professional manner...