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Diwali, one of the most beautifully celebrated festivals of Hindus is comprised of lights, sweets and firecrackers. In the evening of this festival day, that smell of burning crackers will make you realize the essence because Firecrackers are known to be the integral part of this festival. No doubt bursting firecrackers is more than fun with following traditions. But there are risk factors associated with them which are quite dangerous. They not only can give devastating burns and injury but also pollute the air detrimentally. The world-wide use of firecrackers with their consequent deleterious effect on the air quality is widely recognized with elevated ambient air levels.

Most of the crackers contain harmful elements such as copper, cadmium, sulphur, aluminium and barium which are used to produce vibrant colors. Due to their ignition, harmful gases are produced, which get mixed in the air and remains there for a long time. As a result inhaling these emitted fumes increases the chances of Asthma and COPD attacks among patients. The pollution caused by crackers not only affects the healthy environment but also creates respiratory problems like bronchitis, laryngitis and pneumonia. This Diwali, take a healthy step towards going green and eco-friendly with an effort to make the festival of lights, pollution free by reducing use of crackers.

Although from past years different strategies about conservation of environment and saving susceptible patients from harmful effects are being made but there is no such difference in use of crackers is seen.  For that matter, there are some creative ideas that can be used as alternatives to dangerous firecrackers.

Balloon firecracker are the balloons filled with colorful flakes which are  quite fun to see when they get burst. Bursting these eco-friendly crackers will create that effect of firecrackers and a beautiful smile on your kids face. Another way to lighten the smile is paper poppers, one of those party bombs that are not only easy to create in home but equally are fun to use like firecrackers. Let me tell you little more about lighting fun that you can have this Diwali.  Glow sticks sparkles when they are waved, their glowing effect can be noticed from a long. Let people wonder what is blooming in the sky. Kids love them!!

You might have heard or seen something blowing in the sky. They are known as wish lanterns. Aren’t they seemed lovely? Think if most of the people use wish lanterns made with colorful papers and fly them in the air. It will be like heaven on earth flowing in air. Moreover, this wish lanterns are 100% eco-friendly and harmless to lid up the lighting festival Diwali.

Additionally, LED dance show will light up your home and your garden with sparkling colors. This show will definitely leave you in wonder with its dazzling effects. You may add beautiful dance to tune this Diwali.

Celebrate this Diwali without bursting crackers and encourage eco-friendly ways to help affected patients. Diwali is the festival which unites family, get together to share light and warm moments with them, not a festival of burning crackers and burning money. Avoiding crackers will also protect your loved ones and family. Take care !!

Have a healthy and safe Diwali.