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Arthritis and Joint Replacement- Wasted treatments for bone and joint pain have racked up millions, in medical bills so far. Patients, who had been suffering from millions of arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury, etc. have gone through treatments like visco supplementation, steroidal injections, simple PRP shots, etc; which generally are not recommended and as well accounted for 1/3rd of their total medical expenses.

Many patients would opt for the surgery, with an intention to save some money on unrealistic approach; although, going straight under the knife is as well not recommended. Enough evidence has gathered in this regard, to support the statement that joint replacement surgeries have never been a suitable option; either because the treatments are very expensive and still are not helpful, or because they are as well associated with other opportunistic infections, which are difficult to avoid.

Arthritis and Joint Replacement - Advancells

Arthritis and Joint Replacement:

Considering the need of an hour, scientists were so far desperately looking for an alternative treatment option, to get along, for not doing surgery. Accordingly, science has supported the fact that our own body has been powered with the most robust healing system, in the form of stem cells. They have been identified as the fundamental raw materials, which are being used in case of many days to day effects on the body, causing cellular degeneration or loss. These stem cells can be differentiated to cells of multiple types and hence can manage with the cellular loss. It should be noted that no other cell type in our body is being offered a capacity to give rise to different cells of multiple lineages to restore different types of bodily functions, then stem cells.

Scientific advancements have allowed easy isolation of stem cells, from multiple organs of human body, such as bone marrow, adipose tissue, extraembryonic tissues, etc. These cells are enriched in a sterile condition, outside a human body and are infused back at the site of injury to allow cellular regeneration. Studies have suggested that these cells secrete proinflammatory cytokines to regulate the immune system, allow secretion of new tissue-specific cells and stimulate resident stem cells to promote combined action.

The superiority of stem cells is already evaluated in terms of their viability, cell count and partial commitment towards particular cellular lineage. Moreover, the differentiation ability of these cells is enhanced with stimulation through PRP; making them the most versatile repairing structure in joint pain.

Clinical studies conducted worldwide have confirmed that 60-70% of the patients felt pain relief immediately after arthritis treatment. It is apparently true that in arthritic ailments, long lasting pain relief may help in restoring mobility; which is fairly motivational for a person, who is still giving a second thought to stem cells treatment over conventional options.

Conclusively, there is still an alternative to consider, when you find you are just about to give up for a joint replacement surgery.