Australians love their sports and it is undoubtedly an integral part of their lives. Playing sports is certainly great for health but did you know that about 36,000 Australians are hospitalized every year due to sports injuries alone? The latest report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed some shocking statistics related to the sports injury. According to the report, Head injury was the most common sports-related case leading to 16% of the hospitalizations followed by Knee injuries at 12% hospitalization cases. These were sustained by playing rugby, soccer or cycling and led to more than 23,500 days in hospital combined. Spinal cord injuries although accounting for a lesser number of cases had a more drastic effect both medically as well as economically with patients spending an average of 25,000$ on cost of acute public health. So, you can imagine the kind of economic burden these sports injuries are posing to the patients. This not only forces Australians to take unpaid leaves but most also end up quitting jobs due to health constraints. Let’s take a closer look into the average cost of some common sports-related injuries

Head injury- 5300$

Knee injury- 6800$

Wrist injury-4500$

While this covers hospitalization costs, it does not include post-injury additional costs such as physiotherapy charges and rehabilitation expenses that may be required for pain management.

Is there a solution?

With the unprecedented rise in the number of injuries, it’s time to find a way to deal with the economic aspect associated as well as look into newer treatments that can enhance the recovery time. While prevention of injuries certainly is a solution, avoiding sports can never be an option. Medicine is constantly evolving and now there is a permanent solution for all injuries related to sports. Stem cell therapy and PRP treatments are gradually becoming a popular choice among athletes and players. These treatments are a bliss if you are an active sports player and can significantly reduce your recovery time from injury. The patient’s own blood and stem cells will be isolated and injected at the site of injury. These stem cells will help in repair of damaged tissues and regenerate new cells at the active site. They also release factors that promote healing and cure the root cause of the problem so that the injury does not reoccur. The therapy is proven safe and effective for a lot of orthopedic cases. Stem cells along with PRP therapy significantly reduce pain and swelling. This improves quality of lives of the patients and they can perform daily activities easily.

You would be surprised to know that the cost of treatment of these sports injuries in India is almost a fraction of what you are paying in Australia. While the actual cost varies from case to case basis, it is safe to say that the treatment is much cheaper than Australia. If you have suffered from a sports injury and looking at a holistic approach for treatment, then contact Advancells, an Indian based company providing stem cell therapies to patients.