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With the recent drift in its prevalence, society has moved further to treat autism in a positive perception. Being rhyming with the word optimism, Autimism is an initiative that has been taken to propose positive attitude towards the neurodegenerative disorder; thus, shifting the paradigm from awareness towards its acceptance, from negative stereotypes towards the better understanding of the psychology, from “how do we do it?” towards “Ohh, we have to do it!” attitude.


One of the most challenging tasks, many parents must have come across would be their employment, as a matter of fact, traditional employment would be quite difficult and meaningless for them. On the contrary, self-employment can be quite meaningful and sustainable that may emphasize on the “NOW” part, as opposed to “NOT NOW”.

It has been a common observation that people with developmental disabilities mostly live in “NOW” world! For example, when they are taught something, which cannot be implemented immediately; then they drastically, tend to lose their interest and learning objectives. On the other hand, self-employment and self-engagement can motivate the person to be independent and financially literate; to achieve the said objectives, he/she will be more focused on improving their communication skills, their social networking, etc. Thus, this in turn allows them to conquer their soft spots. Moreover, it is not necessary to be of that age limit to be employed, as in case of the traditional jobs; in fact, these self-employment modules can be your transition time to learn and develop important life skills.

Many parents are doubtful, whether their autistic children with developmental disorders, will understand the real meaning of self-employment and also would be interested in it; however, in reality there are many successful people with autism, like Einstein, who created and established a respectable position in a job of their own choice. In the current era, as well, there are many renowned people like Tathi Piancastelli, a young Brazilian actress and model with Down Syndrome and Shawn Smith, a Canadian businessman and a founder of “Don’t Dis-My-Ability”; personifying the level of innovation and technology towards the business table.

Accordingly, there are many reputed organization, operational throughout the globe like SAP and Palisades Hudson’s, which have shared various practical as well as constructive ways for these budding entrepreneurs with disabilities. These organizations are even organizing events to share number of ways in order to fund these innovative business ventures, through crowd funding.

Thus, hope and never give up attitude; can help in reshaping the lives of many people, who have been struggling with their difficult developmental disorders. Although, conventional medicine does not have anything to offer to these people, except for some of the rehabilitation techniques, steroidal medicines and frustration; modern regenerative medicine has offered remarkable improvement in behavioral as well as psychosocial attributes of people with ADHD. Stem cells therapy has been proven as a new promising medicinal innovation, which can solve the intriguing cellular puzzles to towards the successful restoration of functionalities of brain.

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