The current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak is not easy to handle and is often bewildering for people. That being said, it is especially perplexing for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder as it is difficult for them to comprehend and navigate through the management of the preventive measures to take care of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With the closure of schools and offices and work-from-home schedules for most people, with the sole intention of slowing down and flattening the curve, families have to come to terms with this new style of locked down living and this will require extra care of Autism Spectrum Disorder and communication for families with children having autism. Situations could be challenging for children with autism conditions as they are often very sensitive to changes, causing sensory overload. Besides that, research has also found that children with Autism conditions have reduced immune regulation and gastric problems, which can make them more prone to coronavirus infection.

So, here are some tips for the children and their families, to combat Autism Spectrum Disorder problems during this pandemic outbreak.

  • Firstly, parents and caregivers should try to involve children while making any plans or routines to minimize or manage the distress. Leaving home stays unplanned is stressful for the children to understand and follow.
  • Parents may well be at home during this outbreak and thus it is important to discuss on behavioral strategies and daily-work strategies so that the children can get more time to adjust themselves within those behavioral boundaries. This can also be followed in times of planning meals so that children do not find it unusual to follow a routine.
  • As more people are going to stay indoors as a preventive measure, it is very important to take care that your children are not getting disturbed with more noise or confusion. Due to mismanagement of sensory sensitivities, children with autism can be stressed, leading to increased anxiety and unusual violent behaviors. It is important to give priority to their space.
  • It is also helpful to maintain bedtime routines and good sleep hygiene. Sleep is a very important factor to help one’s mental state.
  • If your children are interested in reading alone in a calm place, please provide them proper WHO facts and regulations. Encourage them to know why this coronavirus situation is important to handle together as a family.
  • As children with autism learn more by seeing gestures, show them the proper ways to wash their hands and wear their masks. Teach them the preventive measures in a way that they find it a part of the games.
  • If your children are disappointed about any canceled plans, make sure to understand that as a parent, it is your responsibility to give them time and indulge in some fun poster-making or game activities with them indoors so that they are glad to get attention.
  • Lastly, as it was already mentioned in our article that children with autism are prone to have a weak immune system, please make sure that your children are safe and maintain very good hygienic practices in the home. Follow the frequent hand-washing and social distancing protocols as issued by WHO.

Take care of your children. Together, we can make a safer world for them to grow and prosper. For any information on Autism management, please contact