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Autism Treatment Results

Stem Cell Treatment Results of Autism

The statistics of 22 patients were taken after the stem cell treatment and it was wonderful to see that over 90% of the patients showed improvements.

10 years was the average age of the patients and 9.5 years was the median age. The oldest of the patients was of 16 years while the youngest one was of 5 years. There existed no positive correlation between the cells administered and the positive outcome.

Overall, most of patients experienced a lot of improvement in cognition, social contact, language, eye contact and coordination, motor skills and also consciousness.

Below is a summary of results in 4 patients who improved after treatment:

Patient #1 - (M) Age 6

  • Better cognition and sensory processing.
  • Improved concentration span - He could watch TV for about 30 minutes. Before the stem cell transplantation, his concentration span was only for a few seconds to maximum a minute.
  • One of the patients could climb onto a trampoline without any assistance and play on it for almost 20 minutes. Prior to the treatment, he would scream when his parents put him onto the trampoline.
  • Futile or meaningless play has reduced.

The improvements mentioned above were confirmed by the doctor of the patient.

Patient #2 - (M) Age 6 - Treated June 2009

  • Improvement in the hand and finger motor skills
  • Handwriting got better
  • Speaking capability improved
  • Could eat by himself more often
  • Could ride a bicycle without getting scared
  • Could socialize with others without much difficulty
  • Better cognition

Patient #3 - (F) Age 16 - Treated July 2009

  • Better motor skills and coordination
  • Added confidence
  • Much calmer at school
  • Grades are better - particularly maths

Patient #4 - (F) Age 11 - Treated January 2009

  • Improved behavior
  • Reduced hyperactivity
  • Less sleeplessness
  • Improved concentration span
  • Less frustrated