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Autologous Stem cells Therapy-In the event, someone happen to be looking for the possible cause of bone disorders like arthritis, the current article may be helpful in gaining little insight into how environmental triggers, such as bacterial as well as viral infections can result in severe bone degeneration!

Recently research has come up with an exclusive discovery of how various pathogens can prompt the inflammatory attack on the cellular toll like receptors of the bone cells; ultimately causing development on bone loss. This may as well be indicated from the study that the regulation of inflammatory attack can help in ceasing further degradation of bone as well as cartilages. Stem cells apparently do exhibit immunoregulatory properties; and because of their characteristic endeavor, scientists have been focused to implement new therapeutic model, with stem cells exploitation to effectively halt the vicious cycle of autoimmunity, inflammation and bone degradation.

Autologous Stem cells Therapy

Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of the common forms of more than hundred different types of arthritis. It is a progressive, inflammatory joint disease, may be associated with swelling, pain, stiffness and progressive loss of ability to perform important functions. A team of researchers have confirmed that the process of inflammation begins with the activation of a TLR5 receptor on a group of white blood cell. These toll like receptors are ultimately found on a myeloid lineage of a bone marrow derived cells. Similarly vast majority of studies have distinguished references to prove that stem cells can exhibit profound effect on the regulation of immune response, once enriched and infused back in the body. It has been observed that these stem cells have a great potential to effectively interact with other immune cells of the body, precisely along with other important growth factors and immune cells, such as dendritic cells, B and T lymphocytes, etc. Furthermore this interaction can convincingly secrete diverse range of other important factors in order to avoid unnecessary activation of antibodies against the self organ. In other words, these stem cells thus play a major role in the regulation of autoimmunity and further destruction of vital organ specific cells. This change can immediately provoke healing cascade in the body, leading to the functional restoration of organ.

In human body, different obvious adult sources of stem cells are present, which can be exploited for the stem cells isolation outside the body, in the clean environment, like adipose tissue. The studies have confirmed that fat is one of the richest sources of stromal vascular fraction cells, with the inherent ability to differentiate into bone cells, cartilages, muscles, etc.      These cells upon targeted infusion into site of injury, such as joints in case of arthritis; initiate signaling cycles as described above, in order to reduce autoimmune destruction of cartilages and further promote regeneration of lost cartilaginous cells to reduce joint pain, inflammation and to restore back its function. The technology has as well promoted the use of autologous platelet rich plasma to speed up the process of interaction through creation of microenvironment.

Since stem cells have proven their potential in treating different degenerative disorders in various clinical trials, conducted so far worldwide; currently optimum utilization of autologous stem cells isolated from adipose tissue and stimulated with patient’s own platelet rich plasma; can exhibit desirable effects in treating arthritis patients.