The topic might have forced many of you to wonder, what do bees have to do with Autism? What connection do they have?

Well, then apart from the bunch of random facts about bees, that these extraordinary creatures generally buzz around the scented flowers for their nectar, they are being important to us for the honey, they as well live in colonies, etc.; one thing also can be very important to notice is that just like many autistic kids, bees are as well strictly focused only on one particular thing, that they have to pollinate, and they are apparently fixated on their assigned task.

In the hot summer, while wandering besides the pool, the constant buzzing sound of the bee can strike about the repetitive behavior of many autistic children and adults; may be anything, from flapping to screaming to making weird noises. Like bees repeating the buzzing sound, repetition can be the actual way of being, for those kids.

Bees are the creatures that are often neglected and underestimated, same as the autistic kids; who are often bullied and misunderstood for their strange behavior. On the contrary, we would be lacking important and healthy source of the food, without those bees. As the world needs bee because of their valuable contribution towards the society; even children and adults with autism are worth acknowledgement and respect, for their endless well of knowledge and the sense of creativity. Autistic people, who have unique accessibility to the wealth of information from their brain and ability to be on task, very intensely without any intermission; are definitely praiseworthy.

Another interesting and recent scientific revelation supports the fact that all the species in the world are genetically interlinked, but only the extent is variable. For instance, fruit flies and humans have 44% genetic interlinking, whereas chimpanzees are 99% interconnected and mouse are 92%. Thus, apparently, all life on this world are made up of some common stuff, and things responsible for collapsing the bee population are also responsible for dangerous health hazards to human beings.

In this regard, many findings have suspected environmental aspects for increasing the number of autistic cases, beyond the critical threshold. Increasing exposure to plasticizer, pesticides, environmental insecticides, heavy metals adulteration, etc. during early pregnancy have been studied to have tremendous impact on increasing the risk of autism. As part of a society with modern lifestyle, we all have been exposed to more than 83,000 hazardous chemicals. Moreover, studies indicate that a newborn child can be exposed to more than 200 different chemicals and heavy metals, contaminating his blood, before he takes his first breath in this adulterated world!

This is the reason enough to raise a public health emergency to prevent increasing exposure to environmental toxins and protect the smallest yet the most vulnerable “bee-ings” amongst us, by controlling environmental pollution and investing in developing better autism treatment modalities, like the latest one, stem cells therapy; which can make a considerably clinical difference towards the functional restoration and slowing down the progressive damage of autistic brain!

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