July 18, 2018

Are you suffering with knee pain? Are you finding difficulty in walking and running?

Doctors have suggested you Knee Replacement Surgery and you got scared with that. Because these surgeries carry risks of post op infection and implant rejection. The recovery time with knee replacement is also too long and frustrating also.

The good news is that with the advancements made in cell therapy, stem cells have come up as medical boon for patients requiring knee replacement.

Stem cells are building block of body and have enormous potential to differentiate into specialized tissue and regenerate damaged or diseased tissue.

Stem cell therapy possess many advantages over knee replacement surgery-

Minimal invasive procedureStem cell therapy is minimal invasive procedure in contrary to knee replacement surgery. No surgical complications associated with it.

Less recovery time– The stem cell therapy process involves harvesting the autologous tissue, isolation of cells and injecting cells back to patients which takes only 3-4 hrs. Patient normally resume its activity in a day while knee replacement surgery need weeks 4-8 weeks to resume normal activity.

Less infection– Stem cell therapy procedure are associated with less pain and carry less risk of infection and complications.

Chances of future knee replaced are less– Stem cell therapy in osteoarthritic conditions helps in alleviating the pain and inflammation in joints. Stem cell therapy also reduces the need for future knee replacement by healing the joint from within instead of replacing it with parts that eventually wear out!

Instead of replacing a knee with surgery, stem cell therapy for knee diseases is a new hope to regenerate new and healthy tissues.

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