April 14, 2017

Stem Cells Therapy for Macular Dystrophy- Stargardt’s Disease is a kind of juvenile macular dystrophy, starting early in the life. It has been named after its first founder Dr. Stargardt’s in 1909 and is reported to be one of the most common forms of juvenile macular dystrophies. World Health Organization is further noted that one out of every 20,000 children, within the age group of 6-20 are being diagnosed with the dystrophy; irrespective of the gender.

Stem Cells Therapy for Macular Dystrophy

Stem Cells Therapy for Macular Dystrophy:

Stargardt’s disease is identified as a genetic condition inherited via dominant gene of either one parent or recessive genes from both the parents; moreover, with recent investigations, a gene that is responsible for the condition is identified to be ABCR or abca4. It has been observed that in many cases of Stargardt’s disease, the macula, a central part of the retina and its surrounding is affected. Furthermore, since macula is responsible for central, crisp vision and for color discrimination; its dystrophy or degradation may result in loss of visual acuity, visual sharpness, color discrimination and appearance of small blind spots.

Typically, children suffering with the said issue may complain about:

  • Decreased visual acuity: Many people have reported initial sudden mild loss of visual acuity, which may soon be normal after some relaxation; due to which people tend to ignore it many of the times. However, this should be considered as an alarming situation, with immediate need of expert’s advice.
  • Come and Go Vision: Many patients may experience frequent common episodes of visual loss or blind phases; at different time intervals. As a matter of fact, people may experience this come and go effect, due to disappearance and reappearance of object, on the damaged macula.
  • Eccentric Viewing: Reports indicate that the Stargardt’s disease can be characterized by the appearance of central blind spot, which progressively increases in size. Eventually, patients learn to redirect their eyes to see around the blind spots. It has been further apparent that patients should learn to place the image, adjacent to macula to maximize their visual field.
  • Photo stress and Adaptation to dark: Frequent complaints have been noted from children with Stargardt’s diseases, towards their adaption in dark and/or after sunlight exposure. It has been investigated and further suggested that light striking our retina may trigger a chemical reaction to damage rods and cones. Moreover, when a patient is exposed to bright sunlight; their retina may get bleached, thus decreasing its visual sharpness and increase blind spots.
  • Photophobia: Patients have as well reported complaints about increase light sensitivity and decreased color vision; due to damaged rods and cones as well as macula.

Being a genetic issue, no full proof treatment is reported against the issue; however, with the recent advent of stem cells therapy, it is possible to minimize the progression associated with the Stargardt’s degenerative dystrophy. Investigations have further suggested that differentiation capability of stem cells can be potentially useful in regeneration of damaged rods and cones; thus, adding up towards its functional restoration to some extent. Moreover, vasculogenesis abilities of these stem cells can as well be helpful in the formation of new blood vessels, in the area around the macula, helping it to be little bit functionally stronger. Since these stem cells have been isolated from patient’s own body sources, such as Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue; they are reported to be absolutely safe and effective.

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  1. This article is quite knowledgeable, to add this I want yo ask is, the same properties of treatment as like BM and Adipose Tissue is available in umbilical cord and blood as well or not..??

  2. My younger brother aged 33 had been diagnosed with dushands muscle dystrophy about 10 year’s back . His cpk levels also very high and over these 10 year’s he has put on a lot of weight. It’s mostly his feet that there is a problem. Can stem cell therapy help.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I live in Singapore, my son is 19 and has Stargardts disease which was diagnosed 10 years ago. We are interested in knowing the progress in Stem cell therapy and about its success rates.
    Can he get surgery?

    1. Dear Sunita,

      Thank you so much for showing interest in Advancells stem cells therapies. I would also like to add that Stargardt’s Disease is degenerative eye condition, wherein cells responsible for the visual acuity are degenerated progressively due to environmental triggers. So far, conventional medicine cannot cure the said condition. In this regard, clinical investigations using stem cell therapy have shown very encouraging results; we would like to send you details regarding global clinical investigations.
      Before proceeding further, we would like to request you to send your recent medical reports to come up with in depth analysis of your medical condition and offer the best possible treatment protocol.

      Thanks & Regards

    2. hello, I have been diagnosed with stargardt and looking for some treatment and stem cell therapy looks promising, could you pleas email me more information. thank you

  4. Hi sir,

    I am living in India. My 10 year old daughter is diagnosed with stargardt disease recently.
    We heard about stem cell therapy and want to know more about it.
    Can stem cell help her.
    please suggest us the best approach.

  5. Hello Sir

    I am living in India. My 18 year old son was diagnosed with stargardt disease 3 years back. So far it has not affected him much but now he has issues. Let me know about the stem cell therapy, how it can help the patient and where does it happen.

  6. Sir I m suffering also Herero macular deganrestion….may you help me or not?…I wants to restore my vision .what should I do???

  7. Hello,

    That sounds to good to be truth.
    Can you please provide me more information about the treatment and results? Anything about experimental treatment?


    1. Stem cells are being isolated from autologous tissues and are being infused directly at the site of injury. Globally, clinical trials are ongoing to confirm the ability of stem cells to produce differentiated cells of eyes. We have treated multiple patients with eye injuries and have found very good results. You can check our published results in the journal of cytotherapy.
      Attached here with some links for your reference.

  8. Hello, My husband was diagnosed with Starghardt’s and I would like to be sent more information on this stem cell therapy please.

    1. Stargardt’s disease is all about the degeneration of cells, which help us in acquiring vision. Although, degeneration is slow yet progressive; due to which patient may experience visual issues that are gradual. Sometimes it may as well complain about eye irritation, redness in the eye etc.
      Stem cells are involved in the rapid regeneration of these cells to delay further progressive loss and damage. Various clinical trials have been completed globally, and have confirmed differentiation capacity of stem cells in recovering from different eye issues. We already have applied this treatment to many of our patients, who have confirmed very good results, links for the same have attached herewith.
      We would further like to request you to send your recent medical reports so that we would get back to you with detailed treatment plan.

      Attached here with some links for your reference.

      Thanks & Regards

  9. Hello,

    I am living in Pune maharashtra, My wife (26 yrs old) was diagnosed with stargartd’s disease 8-9 years back. Can you please let me know if stem cell therapy can help on this. Can you please send us all details on my email?

    Nikhil Pawar

    1. Stargardt’s disease is degenerative eye disorder associated with progressive loss of rods and cones; cells that are mainly involved in vision. This degeneration may lead to gradual visual loss. Although the exact reason of the loss is still not clear, scientists are relating it with certain infections and stress. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of stem cells in regenerating cells that have been lost. Stem cells can also trigger formation of new blood vessels thus facilitate passage of oxygenated blood to the eye and promotes rapid regeneration of cells.
      However, degree of effectiveness is still variable due to certain factors, such as age of patient, duration of medical conditions and any other associated manifestations. Thus, we would be able to let you know exactly whether stem cell therapy is effective in your case of not; only after assessing your medical condition.
      We further request you to send your recent medical reports along with other relevant documents that confirm your health issue and its duration. You can send the same on our mail id care@advancells.com or whatsapp the same at 9654321400.

      Thanks & regards
      Advancells Support Team

  10. Dear Sir
    I I am 38years old and I have stargardt’s disease. ‏I was tested (several parameters) for my eyes and also I tested for ABCA4 gene and I have mutations in it. I am volunteer for any clinical trial (stem cell).I need better vision for my research work. I really need to be treated. Please Guide me. Thanks for your guidance.

    1. Dear Syna,

      Allogenic administration of stem cells is found to be very effective in restoring vision. However, the degree of effectiveness varies from person to person. For us to offer you a definitive treatment plan, we would request you to send us your latest medical reports!

      Thanks & Regards

  11. My 17 yrs old nephew is suffering from stargardt’s disease .Please send more information on stem cell therapy.

    1. Thanks for your query. Stem cell therapy is a natural cure for treating various ailments. Stem Cells are extracted from various sources like Bone Marrow and Adipose tissue. Stem Cells have the unique ability to multiply and renew themselves transforming into specialised cells. These specialised cells when injected into the diseased area replace the damaged cells and thus provide healing. For More Details Call us at +91-9654321400 & Email us at info@advancells.com

  12. Hello, My sister (40yrs old) has been living with Stargardts disease most all of her life in NY, USA. Could i please request the latest information, status and opportunities for trials, tests, etc. I am seeing very positive results with stem cells regarding athletic and physical injuries and would like to believe the possibility exists in this area as well. Thanks you in advance.

    1. Hello Mr Marshall,
      Thank you for contacting Advancells for Stem Cell Therapies.
      Stem cells administered directly into the eye have shown good results in disorders like Stargardts. 70% of our patients have reported improvements post 3 months of therapy. We have sent you the details, latest information and patient testimonials over email.
      Please contact over mail at info@advancells.com or Whatsapp/call us at +91-9654321400 for further information.

      Thank you,
      Team Advancells

    1. Dear Saikiran,

      Stem cell therapy provide promising results in Stargardts conditions. Kindly send us your medical history and reports at care@advancells.com or Whatsapp/Call us at +91-9654321400 . Our experts will evaluate your reports and get back to you.

      Thank you for contacting Advancells

  13. Name: Zaman, Residence of Bengaluru.
    I am currently 23, was diagnosed with Stargardt’s when I was 10. I still couldn’t find any details about the cure for the disease but your webpage shows that you people do treat Stargardt’s. Can I get reference of some research publication referring the protocol that you use, clinical trials using similar protocol and other such details.

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