January 19, 2018

Treatment for Parkinson in India- Parkinson’s treatment is possible by Stem Cells and this technology is showing promising results. Know more about the Parkinson disease treatment by stem cells. If you are in search for best stem cell treatment in India, then you have visited right platform. Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder of the brain that because of the incapability of the body to produce dopamine which leads to shaking (tremors) and difficulty with walking, movement, and coordination. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter or a chemical messenger that enables a person to control all muscular movements of the body. When this dopamine production is interrupted and signals cannot be transmitted properly from the brain, then the body’s motor function is affected.

Signs and Symptoms:

Symptoms may affect one or both sides of the body, and can include:

  • Slow blinking (tremors involving half of the body)
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Drooling
  • Problems with balance and walking
  • No expression in the face (like you are wearing a mask)

The cause of Parkinson’s disease is unknown, but several factors appear to play a role, including:

  • Your genes: Specific genetic mutations can cause Parkinson’s disease
  • Environmental triggers: The risk of getting Parkinson’s disease increases with the exposure to certain toxins or environmental factors.

Risk factors for Parkinson’s disease include Age (usually develop in older people of more than 60 years of age), Heredity (Close relative with Parkinson’s disease), sex (more likely to occur in males) and exposure to toxins (herbicides and pesticides).

Treatment for Parkinson:

Conventionally, there was no cure available for Parkinson’s. Until recently people have been unaware with the existence of such kind of a disease, which alters your muscular movement as well affects some of the non-motor functions such as a sense of smell or the sleep regulation, etc. Medications can only help in relieving the symptoms of the disease and for certain cases, surgery is done to regulate certain regions of your brain and improve your symptoms.


Medications increase the brain’s supply of dopamine which heals in managing the problems with walking, movement and tremor. But directly ingesting or taking dopamine will not help as it is unable to enter your brain. Various Parkinson drugs are used for the symptomatic relief to the patient:

  1. Levodopa: It is a natural chemical that passes through your brain and is converted to dopamine, thus considered as the most effective Parkinson’s disease medication. A combination of Levodopa with carbidopa is mostly used as carbidopa protects levodopa from premature conversion to dopamine outside the brain and subsides the feeling of nausea. Levodopa side effects include confusion, delusions and hallucinations.
  2. Dopamine agonists: these drugs aren’t changed into dopamine. Instead, they mimic the effects of dopamine in the brain and cause neurons to react as though dopamine is present. They are not nearly as effective in treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. However, they last longer and are often used to smooth the sometimes off-and-on effect of levodopa.
  3. MOA B inhibitors: By inhibiting the activity of the enzyme monoamine oxidase, these drugs prevent the breakdown of dopamine (naturally occurring as well as formed from levodopa). E.g. Selegiline and Rasagiline. Side effects are rare but can include serious interactions with other medications.
  4. Catechol O-methyltransferase inhibitors prolong the effect of levodopa therapy by blocking an enzyme that breaks down dopamine. Eg. Entacapone.
  5. Side effects include an increased risk of involuntary movements, diarrhoea or other enhanced levodopa side effects.
  6. Anticholinergics: help control the tremor associated with Parkinson’s disease. Eg benztropine and trihexyphenidyl.

Surgical Procedures

Deep brain stimulation (DBS): An electrode is implanted deep within the parts of your brain that control the function of movement. A pacemaker-like device controls the amount of stimulation delivered by the electrode and this device is placed under the skin in your upper chest.

Deep brain stimulation is most often used for people who have advanced Parkinson’s disease and have unstable medication (levodopa) responses. It can stabilize medication fluctuations and reduce or eliminate involuntary movements. As DBS cannot keep Parkinson’s disease from progressing and provides relief from the symptoms only, it is not a long term treatment for Parkinson’s.


Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy may be advisable and can help improve mobility, the range of motion and muscle tone. Along with this lifestyle changes, healthy eating (high fibre rich food), regular exercise, avoiding falls as Parkinson’s disease affects the balance and coordination, walking with care and daily life activities need to be addressed with the help of an occupational therapist. Occupational therapy also aids in arm and hand therapy, handwriting, dressing and grooming and bathtub and toilet equipment use.

Speech Therapy

A speech pathologist or speech therapist helps in understanding the techniques of communication as difficulty in speaking and swallowing can be severely limiting symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Alternative Parkinson Treatment Options:

Increasing the consumption of Vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, and uric acid can help in alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.


Several studies taking place worldwide have indicated that stem cells can be the right candidate to alter the progression as the current Parkinson disease treatment options have been proven to be very dangerous, posing many health hazards on the patients.

Stem cells are highly specific biological cells which have the capacity to differentiate and regenerate into specialized cell types. These can be extracted from the bone marrow and adipose tissue which can provide an abundant supply of stem cells and thus considered to be the most potent and opted choice of stem cell suppliers. Stem cell therapy is the treatment using stem cells which are able to cure or repair the damaged tissues in a severe health condition. Stem cells have the great potential in the treatment of conditions with neuropathic pain. Bone marrow or adipose-derived stem cells differentiated into glial-like cells express a range of neurotrophic factors, which provides neuro-protection and neuro-regenerative effects. Critical in providing a protective microenvironment, neurotrophic factors are growth factors known to promote neuron development and survival. They also maintain functional integrity, promote regeneration, regulate neuronal plasticity, and regulate secretion of dopamine and aid in the repairing of damaged nerves.

In the Parkinson treatment with stem cells, the focus remains on delivering the sufficient number of Adult Autologous Stem Cells extracted from one’s own bone marrow or adipose tissue to the injured area for better healing and regeneration of the desired nerve cells. In bone marrow, the stem cells are extracted from hip bone or iliac crest after general anaesthesia and in adipose tissue, the extraction is done from belly area with local anaesthesia. The extracted cells are processed to be enriched with the pure line of stem cells and re-injected into the patient either by intravenous (infusion through the vein) or intrathecal (infusion through lumbar puncture) injections. Post-treatment, the patient is asked to visit the doctor after a specific period of time for some rehabilitation programs, including analysis of the recovery of motor, sensory and bodily functions of the patients.

The current stem cell treatment benefits are already well documented like speeding up healing time, lowering chronic pain, reducing the need for medications, increasing functionality, decreasing nerve damage and improving collagen concentrations and it is expected that continued research will pave the way for new treatments. Stem cell therapy is a miraculous ray of hope for those suffering from serious diseases, as it can help in the reversal of the disease. Still, a lot needs to be explored to utilize the full potential of stem cell therapies and continued research should teach us more about using stem cells to treat devastating medical conditions like Parkinson’s.

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24 Replies to “Treatment for Parkinson- Best Parkinson Treatments in India”

  1. Hi Team,

    My sister is suffering from Parkinson since 8 years , will the stem cell treatment will help her to recover and also can you please share the cost of this treatment and which doctor is suggest

    1. Dear ananth kumar,
      Stem cell therapy is showing promising results in Parkinson Disease. In your case, as you are having many other issues also, we would like to first evaluate your medical reports. Kindly send us your medical history and reports at care@advancells.com or Whatsapp/Call us at +91-9654321400 & Skype id: Advancells.India

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My mother 73 yrs is getting Parkinson’s treatment for last 5 years and now her mobility has reduced. I want to know if Stem cell therapy may help her & you have facility to treat it.

    Thanking you
    Rajeev Goyal

    1. Dear Rajeev
      It is very essential for you to understand that the treatments that are currently available for Parkinson’s disease are only steroidal medicine and can manage the condition but cannot be considered as the definitive mainstream treatment. Stem cells on the other hand stem cells have been confirmed to fix up the root cause of concern, in conditions like Parkinson’s by replacing dead and damaged cells with the freshly produced cells. This way stem cell therapy has definitely been able to treat Parkinson’s disease.
      For us to offer you a definitive treatment plan, we would request you to send us your medical reports at the earliest.

      Thanks & Regards

  3. hi my mom has parkinsons and wondering if stem cell is the way to go i have her reports and can send it to you guys please feel free to email me back for more details

    1. Dear Arjun,
      You must be aware of the fact that Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative condition associated with progressive damage of brain cells. Stem cells have the ability to replace damaged cells with the fresh ones, so as to regain functional independence. In fact, it is believed that for diseases like Parkinson’s there is no better treatment available other than stem cells, which can bring on immediate therapeutic benefits.
      We value your concern and request you to send us your mother’s latest medical reports, so that we would come up with a definite treatment plan for you!

      Thanks & Regards

  4. Hi Team

    My mom is having parkinson and currently treatment is going under the direction of best neurosurgeon in Jaipur. Since last 3 years 2-3 nuro specialist has been changed but no one suggest us about any operation or stem cells process.

    I dont know much more about good doctors and all but I really need your help if you can show me proper direction in terms of Good doctor/hospital/exercise/extra activities/ or any other.

    1. Dear Mohit
      Thank you for acknowledging Advancells.Neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s does not have any definitive treatment option through current medical intervention. Doctors are offering steroidal medicines to manage symptoms, and hence are not observed to be very satisfactory. Contrary to which, stem cells therapy in body’s natural healing process and can be used to treat diseases like parkinson, wherein damaged cells of the brain are replaced by new ones to regain functional capacity of the brain. You can always consult about stem cell therapy with your neurologist and ask for further information. Other than which, if you need any further assistance in obtaining information related to stem cell therapy and how many patients have been benefited through it, we are open for further discussion.
      Do let us know about your mother’s progress and we wish her a healthy life ahead.
      Thanks & Regards

  5. Hi Team,
    My brother in law from Ludhiana-Punjab is affected with Parkinson since the age of 45 year now he is approx 52 years. Earlier medicines that were prescribed by doctors worked 3-4 hrs but now gradually its effectiveness have been reduced to 1 hrs. I come to know about stem cell treatment though internet. Please suggest us the venue and treatment expenses where we can take benefit of this therapy .

    1. Hello Mr Singh,

      We can provide stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s Disease. The treatment will be done in New Delhi.
      The cost and treatment plan can be decided only after assessing the reports.
      Kindly share the reports of your brother at tanvi.garg@advancells.com or Whatsapp them to +91-8588831945.
      The link below has a testimonial from a patient who underwent this procedure:

      Kind regards,
      Advancells Team

  6. GM Doctor…
    My father is 67 year old young man. He is suffering from Parkinson since 6-7 years. Initially problem was not much but from past couple of weeks he facing lot of tremor during the day. We have replaced multiple neurologist, however there is not stisfactory improvement.
    Please let us know we can get this treatment for better results for my father.
    Harvindra Singh
    98717247472, Noida

  7. Hi Sir, My mother is 56 years old suffering from Parkinson since 3 years. What kind of reports needs to be shared to you.
    Is stem cell therapy treatment surely cure the disease?

    1. Hello,
      We can provide stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s Disease. We require a confirmed diagnosis from the treating doctor as well as a list of current symptoms and present condition of the patient.
      Kindly share the same at info@advancells or call us at +91-9654321400.
      Thank you,
      Team Advancells

  8. Hi, My father is above 65 and he is at stage 5 of Parkinson’s. I want him to get best treatment. wanted to know if this Stem cell therapy is really helpful? and what are the side affects of this therapy? Please Guide.

    1. Hello Mr Ghous,
      Thank you for contacting us at Advancells.
      Stem cell therapy has shown good results in Parkinson’s patients. There are no side effects or adverse effects of stem cells.
      Kindly email us the reports at tanvi.garg@advancells.com or call us at +91-9654321400 for further information.
      Thank you

  9. Hi Docter,

    I’m 46 years old…for past 2 years i’m having my left hand tremor and difficulty in walking…my left hand not swinging.At present i’m taking ayervedic medicine only. pls advice about the stem cells treatment. Thanks.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Stem cell therapy provide promising results. Kindly send us your medical history and reports at care@advancells.com or Whatsapp/Call us at +91-9654321400 . Our experts will evaluate your reports and get back to you. Thank you for contacting Advancells.

  10. my female relative aged 46 yrs is suffering from Parkinson’s since last 4-5 years. Effect of medicine is reducing with time. is stem cell therapy effective for this disease? what time and cost it will require for treatment?

    1. Dear Sir,
      Stem cell therapy provide promising results in Parkinson’s Disease conditions. Kindly send us your medical history and reports at care@advancells.com or Whatsapp/Call us at +91-9654321400 . Our experts will evaluate your reports and get back to you. Thank you for contacting Advancells.

  11. Dear Sir,

    My uncle has been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD).
    I recently read an article about possible cures of PD using stem cells in the above article.
    I can see you have proposed a Stem Cell treatment for many of the above responses.
    Can you please advise, what are the success rates of Stem Cell treatments in general and with Advancecells.
    Is this a permanent or partial cure.
    And is this a guaranteed cure.

    Please advise. Many thanks.

    1. Dear Pradeep,

      Kindly send us medical reports of your Uncle at info@advancells.com. Our experts will assess reports and get back to you with all details. You can call us at +91-9654321400 for any further query.

      Thank you
      Advancells Support Team

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