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    Bone Grafting with Dental Implants

    Bone defects often result from tumor resection, congenital malformation, trauma, fractures, surgery, or periodontitis in dentistry. Although dental implants serve as an effective treatment to recover mouth function from tooth defects, many patients do not have the adequate bone volume to build an implant. The gold standard for the reconstruction of large bone defects is the use of autogenous bone grafts. While autogenous bone graft is the most effective clinical method, surgical stress to the part of the bone being extracted and the quantity of extractable bone limit this method. Recently mesenchymal stem cell-based therapies have the potential to provide an effective treatment of osseous defects.

    Conventional bone grafting techniques still represent many challenges, like availability of suitable grafts, infection, longer recovery period, expenses, deformity as well as scarring, etc. Although, with the cohort of stem cells isolated from periodontal dental pulp tissues and application of synthetic biodegradable matrix, exponential growth has been noted in the elimination of previously described issues, like limited availability, immune rejection, low success rates, etc. Thus, with the collaborative efforts of scientists, cosmetic experts and surgeons of Advancells; it is possible to achieve the ultimate goal of creating bone grafts to enhance natural repairing and regeneration of bone in the craniofacial region.

    Dental Pulp Stem Cell Treatment : Advancells Protocol

    Chronic dental disease and tooth loss often lead to the loss of hard tissue in the jaw. Patients with missing teeth by infections, or inflammation may experience bone resorption with loss of the affected part of the jaw. In addition to making a patient uncomfortable, this bone loss can cause unsightly disfigurements and may complicate the fitting of implants and other dental appliances. Although dental implants serve as an effective treatment to recover mouth function from tooth defects, many patients do not have adequate bone volume to build an implant.

    Thus, in order to adapt, circumvent and treat these local physiological as well as anatomical limitations; regenerative, reconstruction of bony platform with application of regenerative medicine and modern tissue engineering technology can be emphasized for natural, tailored lifting of sinus membrane, for their functional restoration. In this regard, the site, size and associated soft tissue defects represent the three most important factors; in determining the impact of treatment procedure on functional restoration and aesthetics.

    Our process of reconstruction involves three key elements, which include:

    • Inductive soluble growth factors
    • Stem cells isolated from dental pulp tissue
    • Biocompatible scaffolds made up of Xeno/Allo/Synthetic substitutes

    The entire medical procedure at Advancells consists of 6 steps:

    Qualification For The Treatment

    Source Extraction

    Laboratory Processing

    Stem Cell Implantation

    Post treatment care

    Maintenance & Follow Up


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