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Stem Cells Extraction Process

Bone Marrow Extraction Process

Stem cell information

The bone marrow is generally collected from the hip bone of the patients by our respective physicians. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.

The very first step is to administer the local anesthesia over the area where the lumbar puncture would be made. Thereafter a thin needle is used to extract the bone marrow which is usually around 150 to 200 ml in volume. The injection of anesthesia might be a bit painful, but during the process of bone marrow extraction no pain will be felt.

The process of bone marrow collection for adult patients or children with different diseases like cerebral palsy or even Alzheimer is usually done under general anesthesia. The patients have the liberty to go to their home or hotel after the collection of bone marrow.

Adipose Tissue Extraction Process

Stem cell information

Adipose tissue is collected generally from belly area where sufficient fat is available. The procedure is done by a qualified surgeon. The procedure Is done under local anesthesia.

After inserting 60 CC cannula under subcutaneous layer approximately 100 CC of Adipose tissue is collected. Once the fat is aspirated it is immediately transferred to clean room for processing.