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The first survey in India, that is being conducted to evaluate a number of autism cases revealed surprising data, suggesting more than 10 million children are suffering from autism. All the more frustrating fact is that almost 90% of the children being diagnosed with one or the other forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, above 6 years of their age, are being bullied and forcefully isolated in their school. In this context, scientific data supports the fact that imparting any kind of social stress through unnecessary bullying and forced loneliness in early childhood can have lifelong detrimental effects on the physical as well as mental well-being of a child; putting him more into stressful condition, and thus, leading to increased wear and tear that is identified to be as the allostatic load.

When a normal individual is subjected to a brief period of stress, the immediate challenges that are being faced by the body, like neuronal loss, energy deprivation, fatigue, etc. can be effectively taken care of by the recovery experts of the body; thus, bringing these factors back to their baseline levels. Although, with chronic conditions like Autism Spectrum Disorders, the recovery process might not be that much strong to occur as and when required and thus increases the allostatic load to a point above the critical threshold. In such cases, the physiological processes that are very crucial to the health and overall well-being of an individual can be severely damaged.

It has been evidently identified that with the rise in allostatic load beyond the threshold level, chronic stress can initiate a variety of inflammatory responses, hormonal imbalances, and metabolic disturbances; which may contribute to progressive mental ailments, such as depression and other psychiatric disorders. Moreover, chronic stress has been found to be building up a child’s psychological ability to foster resilience, thus severely hampering their capacity to cope with future stress.

Thus, in general children with ASD, who have been bullied are more likely to:

  • Get disconnected from school and stop further academics
  • Display very high level of emotional vulnerability and drastically lowered level of resilience
  • Can harm themselves and have suicidal tendencies
  • Don’t in general respond to any therapeutic modalities
  • Be a social burden by living productive less and meaningless life

As a responsible parent, if you really don’t want to be a catalyst for making above listed things to happen in your child’s life; should make it very clear that such kind of unwanted aggressive behavior will never be tolerated. Moreover, by doing so you can actually spread a message amongst the society that your child is not helpless and he can very well change the unfavorable situation around him. This, in turn can be achieved by helping a child to find different engaging tasks, develop hobbies, and interests; wherein they can actually spend time and engage themselves.

Although, conventional medicine does not have any effective cure for the degenerative ailments, such as autism; alternative therapeutic approach, like stem cells therapy has been found to be very effective way to alter the intrinsic, faulty cellular mechanism with better safety as well as feasibility.

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