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In recent years, stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis has been hailed as a potential cure besides being a promising treatment for various diseases, like muscular dystrophy, diabetes, neurological diseases, etc. osteoarthritis treatment with stem cells is an alternate treatment regime that is favored by medical professionals in recent times. In this, the end cartilage of the knee/elbow joints starts deteriorating and wearing away. The bones lose their protective covering and start rubbing against each other, leading to pain, swelling, and stiffness. In severe cases without osteoarthritis treatment, the joints lose functionality and mobility, thus resulting in doctors suggesting total knee replacement and surgeries. To avoid such risks and severity, stem cell treatment for arthritis is the best therapeutic option for promoting tissue damage repair.  

Osteoarthritis Treatment with Stem Cells

The human body constantly manufactures stem cells to aid in tissue regeneration and rejuvenation. Stem cells are native body cells that have not yet developed into specialized skin or muscle or nerve cells. Osteoarthritis treatment with stem cells involves infusion of stem cells in the damage site to reduce inflammation and reverse tissue damage. Currently, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) considers stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis “investigational” and several clinical studies are underway to demonstrate a clear benefit from stem cell injections. But on a positive note, many celebrities like Ronaldo and Kobe Bryant have taken stem cell therapy for tissue rejuvenation in their knees, thus promoting the benefit of such alternate regenerative therapies for the public.

Advancells Treatment for Osteoarthritis

In theory, stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to help repair and reduce the rate of deterioration of joint tissues.

Osteoarthritis treatment with stem cells broadly aims to:

  • slow and repair damaged joint cartilage
  • reduction of pain and inflammation
  • possibly delay or prevention of joint replacement surgery

Side Effects and Risks of Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis

Stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis is noninvasive with minimal side effects. After the stem cell therapy procedure, some patients may experience temporary pain and swelling, which subsides within a few days. However, most patients are not faced with any adverse side effects. Mostly, the treatment with stem cells uses the procedure of autologous stem cell therapy in which the patient’s own stem cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue are taken for processing, and reinfused at the site of damage. This further ensures no graft vs host reaction in the body and assures a safe post-treatment condition.

Cost of Osteoarthritis Treatment with Stem Cells

The cost of stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis in India is around 4000$ but depends on the degree of damage and disease severity. The treatment is not covered by insurance companies as it is an investigational treatment regime but given the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy, osteoarthritis treatment with stem cells offers a lot of recovery potential. 

Several global groups are researching stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis and clinical studies have shown promising results. Orthopaedic treatment using stem cells can fuel a potential cure against the disease and might be the most sought-after alternate treatment in the future. For more information or a free consultation on stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis, contact info@advancells.com