Lung disease in the form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) has seen significant improvement with mesenchymal stem cells by healing and regeneration. Yes, can be Stem Cell Therapy Repair Damaged Lungs.

What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Lung Disease?

COPD is a condition of lung disease that can cause breathing difficulties, limiting oxygen retention capacity. COPD can lead to symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath, lung damage. The primary cause of COPD lung disease is tobacco smoke, airborne irritants or pollutants, dust, and airborne chemicals. COPD lung disease can develop over long or short periods in case of excessive lung tissue damage. According to the American Lung Association COPD can include chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Doctors, in general, will diagnose COPD by asking primary questions about family history with respiratory illnesses, patient’s symptoms, lifestyle, and ongoing medicines. After preliminary questions, physical exams and diagnostic tests follow to confirm and assess the lung disease severity.

Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Disease COPD

Stem Cell Therapy Repair Damaged Lungs and have a unique ability to differentiate into different cells of the body. Stem cell therapy deals with administering mesenchymal or hematopoietic stem cells through intravenous, organ-directed, or nebulizer paths. In the case of stem cell therapy for COPD, stem cells can repair lung tissue damage by regeneration of the tissues and cytokine secretion. Besides repair and rejuvenation potential, stem cells have natural immunomodulatory properties to help the body fight cytokine-storm. According to scientific reports, stem cell therapy for COPD has helped patients in lung disease treatment by increasing oxygen retention capacity and reducing breathing difficulties. Aside from conventional medication and breathing aids, stem cell treatment for lung diseases has become the best alternative treatment regime. Although stem cell therapy is still an experimental strategy and it does not cure severe lung-damaged conditions, early intervention has proven to be the best gateway for positive results. Stem cell treatment is getting all the more popular considering the current treatment protocols requiring ventilators and total lung transplants, which are rare and extremely expensive.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Repair Damaged Lungs

Stem Cell Therapy for Lung Disease Cost

One of the ways to find stem cell therapy options for COPD treatment is to find funded clinical trials but that comes like a rare opportunity. But if one is looking for personalized stem cell treatment for COPD lung disease, the cost is optimized in India. In the Indian scenario of stem cell treatment cost can start from 5000$ and increase depending on the diagnostic test results and degree of disease severity. Stem cell therapy for COPD can take up around $10000 – $35,000 in developed countries like the USA.

If you are looking for selecting an organization to avail stem cell treatment for lung disease, it is essential to know about the organization and its infrastructure, besides knowing more about cell concentration and dosage. Currently, there is no insurance coverage for stem cell treatment.

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