Everyone is in love stem cells now days, and when it comes to the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders; for which unfortunately limited therapeutic options were available earlier; cell based therapies have proven to be medical boon to offer much better benefits through functional repairing of damaged tissues. In fact, with large number of clinical studies, carried over worldwide and proven evidences for regenerative power of stem cells; scientists have enough reasons to be optimistic about the future of stem cell therapies in orthopedic disorders.

In the technological world, the present goal of stem cell therapies is to allow rapid cellular regeneration of bone and other tissues of similar lineages; especially in early to moderate level of orthopedic issues, like osteoarthritisrheumatoid arthritis, etc. Since, clinical studies have proven the ability of stem cells to restore functional abilities of lost tissues, by allowing effective regeneration of dead as well as damaged cells.

Stem cells are the primitive cells of our body that are rewarded as cellular powerhouses, which can generate specialized cells and ensure interrupted functioning of a body. Although, stem cells are of various types, depending upon their stage of origin; adult stem cells are believed to be the best version of these mighty cells, appropriate for their therapeutic applications. Their role in repairing soft tissue injuries and torn ligaments has recently been explored. These stem cells along with essential aid of autologous platelet rich plasma packed with number of growth factors, cytokines and platelet jumpstarts healing process, immediately after infusion; thus, eliminating need for surgery.

During the last couple of decades, different ways of isolation of adult stem cells and their targeted infusion are being formulated and are acknowledged to be successful in orthopedic conditions like torn meniscus, cartilage loss in case of joint injuries, particularly knee injuries. Among various types of stem cells, those those are isolated from fat are found to be the most potent source with cocktail of cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells, endothelial cells, hematopoietic cells, etc that are renowned for performing vital functions like regeneration, immune regulation, allowing better supply of oxygenated blood etc.

Although, in case of stem cell therapy for multiple orthopedic conditions, intense research and more logical evaluation are still necessary to increase the efficacy of the treatment outcome, with the current available treatment variables,  stem cells isolated from your own fat tissue along with autologous platelet rich plasma can be the ideal combination.