My apologies for writing after so long. Just got caught up in a lot of administration work.

We had another round of satisfying treatments two weeks ago and we are looking forward to the first follow-ups with the patients in another two weeks to see what changes if any, they have started to experience. Exciting times indeed.

As we increase the marketing reach to various doctors of multiple specialties, we routinely encounter the glass ceiling that the doctors do not wish to break. Somehow there are a lot of doctors who do not wish to enhance their knowledge and offer their critical patients something that, though still experimental, has the potential of giving the patient the last deserving shot against the ailment.

I do understand that the doctors have ethics and results to take care of before they advise something new, but unless you have an open mind towards something new, how will you ever bend towards it. There is absolutely nothing unethical, immoral, or illegal in what we do, and only if doctors approach the therapy with an open mind, can they see the results that are pouring in.

Thankfully there are many believers too and that’s what keeps us motivated.

We strive to be able to offer a chance to people suffering from end-stage ailments and hope to bring some good news in their lives.

I would love to hear from you and feel free to write to me at I will try to keep updating this blog regularly and keep sharing what we learn on a daily basis with you all.

To learn what amazing things we are doing on a daily basis and be attuned to this exciting new field.