Chronic Back pain ! Pain can be a severely uncomfortable experience for many of us; for that matter, even minor pain, which generally fades away very quickly like stubbed toe or a paper cut can be disturbing, forget about the chronic pain that needs to be delved every day for the entire life!

Thus, chronic back pain due to the diagnosis including arthritis, spinal cord injury and recurring migraines may have a severely negative impact on a person’s day to day life, when not treated for a longer period of time. In many of the cases, people who are struggling with chronic back pain are noted to be irritated, short-tempered and impatient, either due to anti-inflammatory steroidal drugs that have been offered to them as a mainstream treatment or due to some valid reasons. Moreover, constantly tingling pain has as well statistically detected to raise the focus threshold; thus, hampering person’s ability towards appropriate basic functioning and/or workarounds to even relatively ordinary issues. Their situation can be compared with traffic jam; many of us are mildly annoyed with the problem but somehow manage to cope up with it, as our daily routine.

Hence, after a while, a pain in the back can suck your energy level and sap your motivation to work. It may as well hamper your social relationship, due to stress, lack of stamina and depression. Thus, eventually many people with a depressed set of mind have been found to be associated with other issues, like lack of interpersonal interactions, lack of concentration, seeking isolation and aloofness with a strong desire to simplify many issues of life.

Some of the recent clinical investigations have related pain with the chemistry of cells in neurons; thus, disconnecting their strong networking capacity. It has been evident that cellular damage in the brain stem and spinal cord region is more intense, due to chronic back pain, limiting their ability and affecting functional attributes of other vital organs.

Since untreated pain can induce other complications related to the downregulation of central nervous system, it would be wise to take immediate medical support. Contrary to conventional treatment options, which rely mainly on anti-inflammatory medications and pain management; a multidisciplinary approach to stem cells has been studied to be more effective in offering a more accurate solution. Stem cells are body’s mother cells, which have been tracked, since a couple of decades for their productivity and potential to differentiate into multiple tissue-specific cells that are in demand.

Hence, interdisciplinary approach to stem cells, which are to be isolated from body’s own sources like adipose tissue and/or bone marrow, processed in the laboratory for further enrichment and to be infused back through central nervous system have been noted to be the most significant way to reduce complications associated with chronic back pain and other survival consequences. Additionally, various management therapies can be offered, which may include exercise, physical therapy, a balanced diet, and a calm mental state.

Although, the effectiveness of the treatment is more dependent upon the source of pain, physical and mental fitness and the ability of the service provider; however, a current scenario suggests an acceptance towards stem cells therapy as a possible cure for chronic back pain.