Myths and truths about cold and flu– If you really want to give a second concern to mom’s advice, “feel better, don’t spread cold!”; then the recent authorization from experts can force you to believe that these motherly advices are worth acknowledging.

Advice No. 1: Feed a cold but starve a fever.

Apparently, many of us might have experienced that when your nose is stuffy and congested you would be asked by your specialist to be fed on nutritious food to fortify your immune system. Contrary to which, when you feel feverish, your metabolism is revved up, to add on more energy for fighting against the infection.

Thus, ultimate bottom line is that you should always stay hydrated and eat nutritious food to make up your immune loss.

Advice No. 2: Strict ‘no-no’ to dairy products, during cold.

Medical experts have experienced that many times, consumption of dairy products increase mucus production; as immediate inflammatory response towards pathogen entry. Various surveys conducted globally have exhibited that people, who were consuming more dairy products during cold or fever; were eventually reported more nasal congestion than people, who did not have any dairy items.

Advice No. 3: Most of your body heat is passed on through head.

Scientists are supporting the hypothesis; as in the human face is believed to be five times more sensitive than other parts of the body. As a matter of fact, it can be referred to as an early warning system, which can alert you against the pathogenic entry of viruses as well as bacteria. Thus, since the surface area of face and head is more, it is often found that the said part is more hot as compared to other parts of the body; being temperature sensitive.

Advice No. 4: Relish on your chicken soup, when you have cold

Science still believes in this age-old concept of comfort food effect. In this regard, a team of researchers have found that chicken soup prepared in combination with lot of veggies can elicit an immediate inflammatory response against cold symptoms. Furthermore, to get rid of your common cold symptoms, you have to have a strong immune back up to fight against the inflammation.

Advice No. 5: Rest is a key to faster recovery

A team of researchers have evidently confirmed that rest is necessary to boost your immune system. Accordingly, a survey has been conducted to analyze a recovery time; which apparently confirmed the scientific evidence against the hypothesis. At a resting state, the body prepare for its loss by secreting different growth factors, even your stem cells are as well active during this stage, to combat day to day wear and tear of the body; and hence, it is supposed to be the key for faster rescue from cold and flu.

Advice No. 6: Cover your mouth, while coughing.

We all must know by now that the virus causing cough and flue is communicative and hence direct contact with the same should be avoided. Thus, strict restriction to the hypothesis, should help you to avoid transmissions.