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COPD Patient Stories

Munshya Ndyamba, 40 years, COPD

Mr. Munshaya Ndyamba, 40 year old gentleman from South Africa had been suffering from Chronic Respiratory Failure and Central Sleep Apnea almost his entire life. In his childhood he felt he was just week when he was not able to participate in sports or do outdoor activities that boys his age would do, but adverse health episodes in early 2000’s led to his diagnosis of Chronic Respiratory Failure...

Frank Wade, 68 years, COPD

I live in Crowborough in East Sussex and I am a retired Chauffeur. On leaving school I worked for many years as a printer. I was a compositor and handled lead and chemicals which were dangerous to my health but I didn't realise that at the time. It is thought that this may have contributed to my chronic pulmonary obstructive disease progression...

Helio P, 59 years, Pulmonary Hypertension

My father lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is retired now, he is an engineer and was an entrepreneur and business owner. He has Thalassemia, a blood anemia and probably because of it has developed the Pulmonary Hypertension. He probably has had it for many years, but it was only diagnosed in 2007. Before his stem cell treatment, my father could not even climb a few steps upstairs. Now he can walk and has much more energy. His quality of life has improved significantly...