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A perfect smile today is a reflection of a confident personality. Losing a tooth to a disease or decay can certainly ruin this smile and tamper with the self-esteem of an individual. But its no longer an ordeal that you may have to face! Stem cells have benefitted people with a wide spectrum of diseases and cosmetic dentistry is a field that’s not left far behind too! Stem cells have been found in different body cavities of adults as well as children. One such niche that continues to serve as a source of young, healthy stem cells is the dental Pulp stem cells present within the wisdom tooth or the milk teeth of the baby.

Every child loses teeth during development and this gives an amazing opportunity to preserve stem cells that can be used later in life! These stem cells have the unique proliferative capacity and are highly regenerative in nature. Researchers have shown that dental pulp derived stem cells could help in regrowth of the dentin layer of the teeth. They have also been found to be beneficial with tissue and bone regeneration in the craniofacial cavity. These cells are exempt from ethical considerations since they are already a byproduct of medical waste. Further, they are immunologically naïve and can be easily harvested and expanded in culture making them highly suitable for clinical applications.

With modern tissue engineering technologies, biocompatible scaffolds can be generated infused with these stem cells as a natural substitute for dental implants. Just like any other cosmetic treatments, cosmetic dentistry is becoming a popular choice of therapy for many. They offer several clinical benefits over conventional procedures and are becoming safe and natural

Difference Between Cosmetic Dentistry and Dentistry

Dentistry encompasses the treatment of disorders and diseases of the oral cavity. A regular dentist usually performs procedures such as root canals, cavity fillings or tooth extraction.

Cosmetic Dentistry refers to a field of dentistry particularly dealing with the aesthetic appearance of the overall smile. This could involve improvement in the color, shape, size or alignment of the teeth or jaw. The procedures include teeth whitening, gap closures, dental implants, bone grafts, jawline reconstruction, etc. A popular sub-branch is regenerative dentistry that exploits the regenerative potential of stem cells for facial reconstruction. Stem cells can potentially replace the traditional dental procedures such as use of natural alternatives over metallic dental implants.

Advancells is emerging as a pioneer in cosmetic dentistry through its latest technological advancements. By harnessing the regenerative potential of stem cells and the biocompatibility of scaffolds, several dental procedures can now be accomplished such as Guided tissue regeneration for jawline reconstruction, bone grafting, dental implants or sinus lift. Biologically compatible materials could be tailored in shape and size and provide an appropriate three-dimensional microenvironment to house the stem cells and allow them to completely achieve their restorative potential. So, if you are unhappy with your smile, or suffering from a gum or tooth disease, cosmetic dentistry may be the solution to your problems!

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