The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic situation has locked us up in self-quarantine for our own safety and health. Therefore, in this scenario, parents and their children are all together in their homes, and adjustment/ adaptability is a major concern when it comes to caring for children with Autism. Such times call for special ways to understand and help children with Autism every day so that they do not feel left out or hyper-anxious owing to the change in routine and lifestyle habits.

How to explain the coronavirus lockdown to your children?

Kids with autism may not be aware of the danger that coronavirus poses to our health and may find it difficult to understand the lockdown necessities and measures, giving rise to fear and frustration. Therefore, it is important to talk with your children in simple terms about coronavirus. You can try out some simple ways like: “Coronavirus is a tiny germ that can make people very sick and cause cough and throat itching.” OR “Coronavirus is not good for your health and the sickness spreads by going outside the house. So, we all need to stay inside for safety”.

Along with hearty conversations with your child, you should let them practice:

  1. Washing both hands well with sanitizers.
  2. Social distance from local delivery guys or outsiders.
  3. Wearing a mask of their color and design choice.
  4. Reading or some other hobbies.

It is very important to settle their curiosity about different things in this stringent routine during a lockdown and one should be very patient and calm with the children as they have seldom seen parents working from home for the whole day!

How to Help Children in Adjusting during a lockdown?

Children with Autism believe in practicing fixed routines and therefore parents should smoothly modify the house-hold lifestyle with as little abruptness as possible during this lockdown. Although it will take some time for the kids to adjust to this 24*7 indoor living, parents can help them by following strict timings for the following: waking up and sleeping, eating meals and snacks, TV watching or laptop gaming, etc. Also, new work routines for home studies should be implemented as it will be a long pause from schools and classes.

If feasible, alarms and to-do lists can also help in maintaining proper routine during this lockdown situation. Although at times children should be left to do their own will, a limited boundary should be maintained for their own benefit by lowering their anxiety and hypertension issues.

During this lockdown period, parents should also participate in hobbies and conversations with their children. Playing and communicating more with children can bring them closer to understanding you and vice-versa. This is the time to create music, make crafts, practice gardening, and do a lot of other fun stuff together. These activities will help children feel less distant and may suppress their worries, fears, and frustrations, emotionally. Moreover, try sharing positive news with your children and teach them healthy practices of exercise and eating.

Any Health Advice?

Children with Autism are generally prone to viral infections due to weak immunity and this it is very important to keep the children safe during the COVID-19 situation all over the world. Every parent should carefully ensure their children’s safety and help them grow good body immunity by eating healthy food and supplements (after consulting with medical experts).  Moreover, for any form of medical consultation, Advancells welcomes parents from all over the world to avail our teleconsultation service and maintain safe social distancing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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