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If you have been the victim of diabetes for a very long time, ambulance would you be surprised if you are referred to as pancreatically challenge?  Well, find what we have observed so far is that many people don’t mind to be called as diabetic; rather many of them don’t pay much of their attention as to what they are referred to as! In fact, store I can guess that few of them take diabetes very casually as the usual disease that could easily take control of our body after 50! Some of them can go beyond the level of thinking that it is just the normal disease which can be easily controlled by taking oral medications and diet! Only few of the diabetics, wish to be out of this suffering and think about the most recent 22nd century option of stem cell treatment for treating diabetes! Surprised? Want to know more?

If you are in little touch with the science, you must know that the pancreas is the gland located in the abdomen, playing important role in secretion of various kinds of enzymes and vital juices that are extremely important for our digestive mechanism. This gland also secretes hormone insulin into the blood stream in order to regulate body’s glucose level and passage of the glucose molecule to the cells for energy production. The type 1 diabetes is a critical disease where in production of insulin is hampered due to autoimmune destruction of beta cells- the mother cells of insulin, in pancreas. Thus, it is quite evident that although the disease can develop in later stages of your life, its seeds have been rooted much early. The typical symptoms of diabetes may include polyuria, unusual weight loss, excessively increased appetite, abnormally increased thirst, etc.

Stem cells are the naïve cells, which are functional in the body since very early stage of human life. They are gifted with the special ability of differentiating in different cells of various organs. The modern science has been technologically supported; in isolation of stem cells out of the body from variety of human organs at different stages of development. Out of many, bone marrow and adipose tissue are the most preferred choice being abundant sources of these stem cells. Thus these stem cells can be extracted out of the human body, enriched in the safe, clean environment of laboratory and implanted back at the targeted area to make the required changes of regeneration. Likewise, in case of diabetes, stem cells can be helpful in regenerating damaged beta cells, regularizing your immune system and production of insulin that can in turn optimize the level of glucose in your body. As your own cells are used in the process, they pose no threat to your body and can work efficiently with the faster improvement in your condition.

Since the treatment is very effective, it is welcomed by many of the doctors as well as patients worldwide!  With the progress we can now hope a day for you wherein you don’t have to rely in any external supplements!