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Diabetes Management with Stem Cell Therapy– Diabetes is being primarily listed on top of the other autoimmune diseases. In developed countries, the death toll, simply due to diabetes and its associated complications has crossed beyond 2.5 million people. The numbers are increasing exponentially and have been predicted to affect 1 in every 3 people, by the end of the year 2050. As such conventional medications have no cure for a condition, but it could only be managed through adaptation of healthy life style and some alternative therapies, such as stem cells therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes Management:

The current write-up has been intended to brief our readers about how the blood sugar levels can be governed by following healthy diet as well what is the intrinsic mechanism of stem cells to achieve maximum benefit in disease management.

Count on your calories

As per the various studies, Indians should maintain a diet pattern of 60:20:20 carbs, fat and protein ratio. The diabetics are generally advised to have 1500-1800 calories per day with atleast two seasonal fruits and three types of leafy vegetables in their diet plan.

Emphasize on high fibre foods

A diabetic diet should include higher quantity of whole grains, oats, channa atta, millets and other high fibre foods. If you really don’t have time left and would still like to go with “on the go diet”, such as sandwiches, pasta, noodles, etc.; you can always accompany it with salads of leafy vegetables as well as sprouted cereals. Some vegetables such as beans, soya, etc. have much more to boast than just being highly fibrous and hence can be coupled with salads, soups, chili and many more.

Indulge more on dairy products

The most potent combination for diabetics can be a food with calcium, proteins and vitamin D; which can be availed through dairy foods, such as milk, cotton cheese and yogurt. A study

confirmed that women, who consume more than 1200 mg of calcium and vitamin D; will have 35% lesser chances of being affected with diabetes, than other.

Thus, bottom line is that low carbohydrate and high fibrous foods should be welcomed in your daily meals to make sure you get enough nutrition through minimum portion size, like:

  • Meat and poultry products
  • Non Starchy vegetables like olives, avocado, etc.

A moderate amount of below mentioned foods can be consumed depending upon personal tolerance, such as:

  • Berries
  • Flaxseeds
  • Nuts
  • Dark Chocolate

Foods that should be strictly avoided from your daily diet are:

  • Bread and starchy vegetables
  • Meat, baked foods, sweetened sodas and fruit punches.
  • Desserts

Other than diet, applications of autologous stem cells isolated from your own body sources, such as bone marrow and fat; have been proven to work well in regulating body’s intrinsic immune system and hormonal levels. Moreover, the high regeneration ability of these cells can be exploited to rebuild the lost cellular system to be helpful in functional restoration of organ. As far as diabetes is concerned, stem cells can regenerate insulin producing beta cells to maintain blood sugar level.

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